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Human Geography

Welcome to Human Geography!

I look forward to an exciting year. Students please refer to the following link for updates on class assignments and project rubrics: Google Classroom.


I graduated from Tarleton State University with a History degree and have been teaching and coaching for 10 years. 



Social Studies Composite 8-12

History 8-12


Classroom Rules & Procedures



      1. Respect - Please be respectful to others, yourself and all property

      2. Effort - Take care of your business, be responsible for your actions and try your best to achieve requested tasks to your best ability.

      3. Prepared - Please come to class with all materials


      1. Verbal Warning

      2. Detention

      3. Principal Referral


Classroom Procedures

      1. Check white board upon entering room. This board will tell you what you need to have out for class each day

      2. Turn in any assignments to the appropriate folder. Assignments turned in after the tardy bell are late, unless told otherwise.

      3. Clean up your area and push in all chairs when class is over.


Please feel free to contact me with questions or comments: