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Dawn Fischer
CTE Teacher
Yearbook Adviser

512.352.6326 x6354

Taylor High School
Room 1056
355 FM 973
Taylor, Texas

7th & 8th Grade English - 6 years
Freshman English - 2 years
Journalism - 4 years
Cotton Boll - 6 years
Graphic Design & Illustration - 10 years
Principles of Art, Audio/Video, and Communication - 5 years
Professional Communications - 10 year
Graphic Design - 5 years
THS-TV - 3 years
Mallard - 6 years

B.S. - Curriculum and Instruction, Texas A&M University
College Station, Texas

English Composite
Technology Applications
Career and Technology Education

I am currently teaching CTE courses Principles of Art, Audio/Video, and Communications, Graphic Design, Advanced Graphic Design, and advise the high school yearbook as well as the elementary yearbook. Raised in Circleville, Texas on whole grain breads and organic foods, my favorite childhood past-times involved jumping, running, and flying through the air. As a student at this very high school, I devoted my “spare” time to cheerleading and editing the Cotton Boll. I graduated in 1986 and since Vicki Rowe didn’t teach here then, I was undecided whether or not college was for me. I worked at a bank in Temple, but quickly learned that I undoubtedly did not want to work in the banking industry and made my way to the wonderful, College Station, Texas. There I studied secondary education and Aggie traditions which both continue to enrich my life today. After graduation, I married, Aggie, Jon Fischer from Bartlett and started teaching at Taylor Middle School. Six years, many English students, and two children later, I decided to devote my time and attention to my own children in hopes that they would not be the children discussed in the teachers’ lounge for bad behavior and became a full-time Mom. To keep my sanity intact while working at home, the three of us often visited my parents’ nursery, Olde Thyme Gardens, and eventually became a permanent part of the scenery. When my daughter started kindergarten, I left piles of mulch and compost, bottles of fish emulsion, heirloom seeds, and conscientious customers to return to the classroom in hopes of dedicating myself to the betterment of the children in my community as well as to my own children’s futures. Now, my spare time is spent with my husband, Jon, son, Reagan, a graduate from Texas A&M, and my daughter Libby, currently a student at Texas A&M, or in therapeutic weed-pulling sessions in my yard in Coupland where the sunsets are the like no place else in - Central Texas, at least.