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Art Educator

Hi.  My name is Jean and I run one of the two artist studios at THS.  I say studio, because that is what it is. My students work at becoming artists and behaving like artists.  They work through artistic problems and processes from the beginning to the end.  I follow a teaching philosophy known as TAB, or Teaching for Artistic Behaviors.  I help facilitate the making of artists, not just art.  
I like to help art students navigate the often scary and confusing journey that is becoming an artist.  But, I help with more than just art skills.  I help to learn skills that can be applied to many different situations and many different areas of study.  
For information about art classes facilitated by Jean Barnett, please visit the THS Barnett Art Website.
Now for a little bit about me.  I was born and raised in New England.  I earned my first BFA in Scenic Design at Purchase College, State University of New York.  I worked in the theatrical field for many years before moving down to Texas.  Once here I earned my second BFA in Art Education from The University of Texas. Hook 'Em!!
I love art. I love making art. I love the art process.  I am as much of a teacher as I am a student.  And, that is how I stay fresh with what I know and what I can impart on our students.
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