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Dual Credit

Dual Credit - great opportunity for  high school juniors and seniors to earn college credit FOR FREE while still in high school.  Courses are offered through Temple College and Texas State Technical College.  

  • Pros and Cons of taking Dual Credit courses:
    • Earn college credit and high school credit at the same time for free saving time and money when you go to college after high school.
    • Understand what it takes to be academically successful and be able to multitask in college while you have the structure of living at home.
    • They are college classes and therefore the rigor may be tougher.
    • For now, the “weight” of Dual Credit Classes is .5 and the “weight” of AP classes is 1.0 in calculating GPA and rank.
  • Will these classes transfer to the college and degree plan I’m interested in?
    The majority of dual credit classes we offer are “core curriculum” in Texas.

Temple College Traditional Academic Dual Credit Classes

English, History, English Literature, Federal Government, Economics (see table below)


Temple College Electromechanical Engineering Technology (EMET) and CADD Programs

Fall 2022, Temple College is preparing to offer dual credit classes in mechatronics technician training at the Temple College  Taylor campus. 

Mechatronics, also called electro-mechanical engineering technology, is a career pathway that trains technicians with multi-craft skills to work on intelligent equipment and robotics ranging from ATM machines to multi-million-dollar manufacturing cells. 

Skills taught include electrical, mechanical, pneumatics, hydraulics and engineering technology.

Students will not need to be TSI complete for this program.  

Details to come later Spring 2022.


Texas State Technical College

Cyber Security - online dual credit class

Culinary - in person at THS

Welding - in person at THS 

(Taylor High School and TSTC are working together to offer Culinary and Welding as college level courses so that you receive your IBC as well as college credit for successfully completing them!)

Frequently Asked Questions:


What is Dual Credit?
Dual Credit is a great opportunity for high school juniors and seniors to earn college credit while still in high school.  Courses are offered through Temple College and will count as college credit as well as high school credit. 


What are the benefits of taking Dual Credit Courses?

  • Earn college credit and high school credit at the same time for free or for a greatly reduced cost
  • Expands academic options for college-bound high school students.
  • Save time and money earning bachelor’s degree
  • Understand what it takes to be academically successful in college
  • Experience the benefits of small college classes



Will these classes transfer to the college and the degree plan I am interested in?

The majority of the dual credit classes we offer are considered “core curriculum” classes in the state of Texas. It is the responsibility of each student to research the college of their choice and their degree plans for the degree the student is interested in. Check the Texas Common Course Numbering System to determine what credit will be awarded at the college of your choice for the credits earned at Temple College.

A few examples:

Typical Year Taken

Temple College


Taylor High School

College Credit

Junior Fall
Junior Spring

ENGL 1301

ENGL 1302

Composition I

Composition II

English III


Senior Fall

Senior Spring

ENGL 2327

ENGL 2322

American Literature

British Literature

English IV


Junior Fall

MATH 1314

College Algebra

Independent Studies in Math or Algebra II B


Junior Spring

MATH 2412




Senior Fall

MATH 2413

Calculus I

Independent Studies in Math


Senior Spring

MATH 2414

Calculus II

Independent Studies in Math


Junior Fall

HIST 1301

US History A

US History A


Junior Spring

HIST 1302

US History B

US History B


Senior Fall

GOVT 2305

Federal Government

US Government


Senior Spring

ECON 2301

Macro Economics



Some Sophomores take PHED 1304 Health and/or SPCH 1315 Public Speaking during the summer prior to their sophomore or junior year for dual credit.


How much is it going to cost?

Taylor ISD has historically paid for two dual credit courses per student for each of the Fall and Spring semesters.  Taylor High School Counselors will confirm the cost prior to registration.


Students who take additional dual credit courses are responsible for paying for those courses prior to the payment deadline.  (August 1, 2022 for Fall 2022 and January 4, 2023 for Spring 2023) or the student will be dropped from their courses. 


During the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters, the dual credit tuition and fees rate for a single 3-4 hour class is approximately $350-$450 per in-person class.  The Dual Credit Rate will be set at Temple College’s February Board Meeting. 

Refunding of Fees and Charges
Full refunds are granted 100% if students drop a course prior to the official first day of classes.  If a student drops a class once classes start, they will not receive a full refund.  Please check Temple College’s website calendar for specific dates at  -  click on Admissions  -  click on Registration  -  drop down to Refund and Withdrawal Schedule. 

How do I register for Dual Credit classes?

  1. Student and parent must schedule an appointment and meet with their high school counselor to discuss dual credit options.
  2. Students must be “TSIA2 Complete” to register for Temple College Academic Dual Credit classes. If taking Mechnatronics  Dual Credit class, details will be available in March.
    • TSIA2 Reading & Writing– must be at least 945 and Essay of 5+

or TSIA2 Reading & Writing below 945 and essay of 5+ AND diagnostic score of 5+

  • TSI Math – must be at least 950 or a TSIA2 Math score below 950 and a math diagnostic score of 6+

To take the TSIA2 exam, sign up on Mrs. Hortenstine’s Google Form (sent monthly to students in an email and posted on THS College Career Military Readiness website (students are required to take Pre-Assessment through Temple College website.)


  1. Students must complete the online Temple College Application for Admissions at
  2. Students must submit vaccination record showing meningitis vaccination taken within last 5 years.
  3. Students must turn in official high school transcript.
  4. Counselor will assist students in selecting classes and completing Dual Credit Registration Form.
  5. Temple College Dual Credit team will register student for classes.
  6. Student must attend mandatory New Student Orientation and E-Learning Seminar (check with Temple College Taylor or with high school counselor for dates)
  7. Student must purchase textbooks and other class materials. Temple College Bookstore has locations in Temple and in Hutto.  The Bookstore also operates a “popup” bookstore at the Taylor campus the week before and the first week of classes each semester.  See the Temple College Taylor front desk for dates and times of operation.  Students are also allowed to purchase textbooks at other locations.


Grading Information

Dual Credit courses utilize both a numerical and alphabetical grade book.  For collegiate purposes, grades at the end of the college semester are reported as letter grades from Temple College.  For high school purposes, grades at the end of the high school semester are reported on the high school transcript as numerical grades


How to order a Temple College Transcript to send to my university or to myself


Credit Information

Dual credit students will have a college transcript in addition to their high school transcript.  It is the student’s responsibility to request the Temple College transcript be sent to the university or college of their choice.  Request forms are available on the TC website or at the Temple College Taylor campus.

Dual Credit Course Restrictions and Limitations
Students have an enrollment limit of two dual credit courses per semester, not to exceed 8 credit hours.  Enrollment in subsequent semesters may be dependent upon his/her college GPA. A grade of “C”, or better, in any course, is recommended for transferability to a state university. For your student to maintain his/her academic standing, they must maintain a 2.0 GPA (C average). 

College Standards
College courses are both interesting and challenging. You will learn a great deal, but you will be expected to work hard. On average, college students should plan to study two to three hours a week for every hour spent in the classroom. Students taking a three-semester hour class should set aside a minimum of six to nine hours per week to study. Some students will need to study more. Most students should schedule extra study time when exams are planned or course projects are due.

College Grades
Pay careful attention to your instructor’s system for assigning grades as indicated in the course syllabus. If you do poorly on a test or assignment, college instructors will not allow you to repeat the work in order to improve your grade. You will not receive extra course credit for attendance. Also, your instructor may not allow you to do extra credit work.

The grades you earn in a dual credit course will become part of your permanent college record. We hope that your grade is a good one, but if you find yourself doing poorly in a dual credit class, you may wish to drop. Students who withdraw by the official drop date listed in the college calendar will receive a “W” on their transcript. If you need to drop be sure that you complete the appropriate paperwork, get your high school counselor’s approval, and do so before the last date for course withdrawal. Your instructor might not drop you if you quit attending. Talk with a TC advisor or your high school counselor if you are considering dropping a course.

College Attendance Policies
Be sure you understand and follow your instructor’s attendance policy. TC policy states an instructor may drop a student if the student incurs excessive absences. In contrast to high school, TC does not distinguish between excused and unexcused absences. If you miss class because you are ill or attended a school function, those absences will count against you. Your instructor may also have a tardy policy. It is important that you stay in communication with the instructor to avoid any problems regarding attendance.

Temple College does not necessarily follow the same holidays as your high school (ex. Columbus Day, President’s Day, etc…) Students are still required to attend class on Temple College class days.  To see Temple College calendar go to  -  click on Calendar  -  click on Academic Calendar.

In case of inclement weather, students are advised to register with Leopard Alert emergency notification system.  Even if their high school is closed or has a late start, they are responsible for following the Temple College times.  To sign up for Leopard Alert, go to  -  click on Connect  -  click on Leopard Alert.

What if my child will miss a class due to extra curricular activities (stock shows, sporting events, etc)?

The student needs to download the “Dual Credit ISD Sponsored Activities Absence Form”  at  -  click on Admissions  -  click on Student Form.  The student is responsible for having the high school counselor sign it and for providing the completed and signed form to his college instructor prior to his absence. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask
Your instructor is available to answer your questions about course materials or class policies. If you have any concerns about your performance in the course or you are not sure whether you understand an assignment, please don’t hesitate to schedule a conference with your instructor. Everyone at TC is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

Adding a Course
Dual credit students wishing to add a dual credit or early admission course must submit a completed TC Drop/Add Form. Student must meet with either their high school counselor, or a TC advisor prior to adding any courses to his schedule. Appropriate tuition and fees must be paid by the first day of class.

Dropping a Course
Dual Credit students wishing to drop a dual credit course must submit a completed TC Drop/Add Form that is signed by their high school counselor. Students who do not officially drop a course, but stop attending, will be treated as still enrolled. This may result in failure of the class. It is important that a student officially drop a course using the form mentioned above.  Drop dates may be found at  -  click on Admissions  -  click on Registration  -  drop down to Refund and Withdrawal Schedule. 

Instructor-Initiated Drop
When, in the judgment of the instructor, a student has been absent so many times that he is unlikely to complete the objectives of the course, the instructor may initiate steps to drop him by notifying the Admissions Office. The Admissions Office will send the student an e-mail notice via his/her TC e-mail account stating he/she has been dropped from the course when requested to do so by the instructor. The student will receive a “W” for that course if dropped before the “W” date listed in the College Calendar. Students will not be dropped after the published “W” date and will receive a grade for the course enrolled.

Expectations and Requirements
Dual credit students are expected to perform at college level and to honor all deadlines declared by the College or by the instructor. The individual professors distribute class policies and syllabi during the first week of class detailing individual class requirements.

The College Catalog and the College’s Student Handbook, published annually by the College at the beginning of each fall semester, are valuable resources for assisting students in getting the most out of what Temple College has to offer. They also list student’s rights and responsibilities, all rules and regulations for general student behavior, grievances and complaints, and discipline policies and procedures that all students are expected to follow.  The Student Handbook is located online at  -  click on Resources  - click on Student Handbook.


Students taking dual credit or early admission courses at the College are incorporated into the general population of the College. Student enrollment status is not identified to professors unless a student chooses to identify his as such.


Students are responsible for making sure they know when their final exams will be administered. This information can be found at - click on Calendar  - click on Final Exam Schedule.   Students need to check their class syllabus or with their instructor for date, time, and location.


Dual Credit Timeline:


For Summer Classes                                             

February 2022          Meet with High School Counselor to discuss Dual Credit

    1. February 16, 2022    Take TSIA2  Test (students must sign up on Mrs. Hortenstine’s Google Form)

    2. February 22              Dual Credit Packets due to High School:
                                                Temple College application 
                                                Official high school transcript
                                                Current meningitis vaccination record
                                                TSIA2  scores

      March 28                   Priority Registration for Summer

    3. May  24?                   New Student Orientation for students attending summer classes

    4. Tues, May 31            First Day of Summer Classes


      For Fall Classes     

      February 2019          Meet with High School Counselor to discuss Dual Credit

    5. February 2019          Take TSI Test

    6. March 22                  Dual Credit Packets due to High School:
                                                 Temple College application 
                                                 Official high school transcript
                                                 Current meningitis vaccination record
                                                 TSIA2 scores

      May 2                          Priority Registration for Fall

      August 15                    New Student Orientation for students attending fall classes

      August 17                    First Day of Fall Classes


      For more information, please visit our website at or contact us below:



      Ms. Jamie Reed

      Coordinator Student Enrollment Services                            

      Temple College Taylor Campus                                          


      [email protected]                                          



What is my login?  What is my Temple College email address?  
How do I request my Temple College transcript? How to order my Temple College Transcript through Parchment
Temple College TBI (Texas Bioscience Institute) Program 
Taylor High School is proud of its Higher Ed partnerships with Texas State Technical College and Temple College.