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Silver Cord Community Volunteer Program

Taylor High School

Silver Cord Service Program

What is the Silver Cord Service Program?

Seniors who have completed 160 hours of volunteer service during their high school career will be awarded the SILVER CORD to wear and be recognized at graduation for their service to the community.

COVID 19 Modifications 2021-2022 THS graduating seniors

90 hours of community service (typically 160 hours)

Why the Silver Cord Service Program?

To encourage, recognize, and reward volunteerism and community service, the Silver Cord Program will encourage students to make contributions to their community through service.  Students will not only benefit the community, but will develop their own leadership and citizenship skills. 

How do students achieve the Silver Cord?

  • Students should accumulate the total 160 hours throughout their four years of high school.  Hours might be adjusted or pro-rated for transfer students or COVID-19.
  • To receive credit, students are expected to turn in their hours at the Silver Cord Table during lunch periods.  Hours are not accepted through e-mail.
  • The hours counted toward the Silver Cord must be voluntary and cannot be paid.  NHS hours can be used for Silver Cord.
  • Students may only receive a maximum of 10 hours per project per year.  Extra-Curricular school activities do count.
  • Students may begin accumulating hours the summer after the completion of the 8th grade school year.
  • This is a self-directed program.  The student is responsible for turning in all of their hours.
  • Hours for seniors are not accepted after the last Friday in April.
Questions should be addressed to

        John Matthews    Taylor ISD Family Support

       512.352.3910          [email protected]