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PARADE UNIFORM: The white shirt will be provided by the school. You will need a pair of SOLID BLACK SHORTS. 

Hello Percussionists!

We will still have a drumline camp this year the week of June 1 - 4. I understand that this is fairly late notice but you all know that we have been working very diligently on our ensemble music. As a reminder, this week is designed to elect the percussion lieutenants and to prepare us for next marching season. Our music is always more rhythmically and physically challenging so we need some extra practice. I need all of you to be there. If there are any prior commitments, please tell me and we can try to find a way to work around them if possible.

Here are some important items:

  1. I expect that we will have one more percussionist than last year but I’m not sure if that position will translate to the drum line or to the front line

  1. The audition material will be given out Monday morning so that everyone will be on a level playing field. If you are looking for an edge on the part that you want, practice the things that I ask you to practice normally.

  1. We will discuss mask procedures Monday morning.

  1. Rehearsal will be from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Plan on being there the entire time. This will give me more time to help individuals and will also give me more time to work with the full front and drum lines. 

  1. Because of item 4, everyone needs to have some sort of lunch planned, whether you bring it with you in the morning, or whether you plan on leaving and coming back. Lunch will be from 11:30 - 12:30 every day. If you plan on leaving, I expect you to be back, in your spot, and ready for a downbeat, by 12:30.

  1. If there are any time conflicts, let me know either before, or on, Monday May 31,2021. The date and times will be on the THS Band Website.
9am - Noon 
8:30am - NOON
8:15 Line Up 
9:00 Parade Begins 
9am - Noon: New Members 
1pm - 4:00: Weapons 
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4:30 - 8:30pm
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Color Guard Fees

Uniform Cleaning $25

Team Shirt $15(approx)


Color Guard Supplies

*Black Electrical Tape

*Show Shirt (optional) - $15

*Black Hair Ties

*Dance Shoes 

*Nude Gloves (if applicable)

*Solid Black Capri Leggings

*Performance tights or black spandex jazz pants, depending on your uniform

*Water jugs will be provided by the Band Boosters.


--> Guard monogrammed jackets and monogrammed duffle bags are available through Taylor Sporting Goods.  Orders must be placed by the end of June.

Band Fees   
Uniform Fee $50          School-Owned Instrument  $50
*Show shirts will be optional this year. However, they will be very cool!
Band Supplies
-Marching Shoes $35.00+tax at Taylor Sporting Goods. Please get sized ASAP!
-Band Jersey (approximately $20) at Taylor Sporting Goods
-Black, plain-front slacks
-Black dress belt
-Black Socks
*Water jugs will be provided by the Band Boosters.