Orlando Trip Info

What hotel are we staying at?
We are staying at the Fairfield Inn & Suites - Lake Buena Vista & Marriott Village. (very close to Disney)
What is the trip payment schedule for Students AND Family?

September 1, 2019 - $50 deposit due

October 1, 2019 - $129 payment due

November 4, 2019 - $100 payment due

December 2, 2019 - $100 payment due

January 6, 2019 - $100 payment due 


(a signed parent note is required)

February 3, 2019 - $100 payment due

Feb 3 Payment For Family: $100 for quad occupancy, $135 for triple occupancy, $205 for double occupancy and $415 for Single occupancy


What are the trip package rates for adults?

Quad Occupancy, $579 per person 

Triple Occupancy, $614 per person 

Double Occupancy, $684 per person 


How many band and guard students are going on the trip?
At this time, there are 110 students attending the trip. 
What are the trip dates?
Friday March 6...Departure after school
Saturday March 7...Arrival, Check-In and Pizza Party
Sunday March 8...Park Day #1
Monday March 9...Park Day #2
Tuesday March 10...Park Day #3 (Parade Performance @ Magic Kingdom) 
Wednesday March 11...Arrival in Taylor 
What bus company is driving the students?
Roadrunner/Clark Charters
Will there be adults on the buses?
Yes, directors will be riding the buses. 
Will my band student be able to stay in the room with me if I am going on the trip?
Only students who have a medical condition that is recognized by Taylor ISD may stay in their parent's room. We ask that these students adhere to band curfews and other policies set forth by the directors.
Will there be a meeting for parents attending the trip?
Yes, now that we have a better idea of how many adults All American Tours is reserving rooms for, we can begin the hotel search. Once more info is put out. A meeting will be scheduled. Please keep in mind that there are 115 students and directors. And, there are close to 50 parents and family members planning to attend. 
Will the band directors provide transportation for parents?
No, parents will need to coordinate with each other if needed.
Will the band directors assign parents to room with other parents?
We can provide a list of parents attending. However, we will not be contacting parents and coordinating room assignments. 
How much money was made on the SNAP Fundraiser?
After SNAP took out their fees, the band and guard made $7895.41. Please keep in mind that we always need to use fundraiser money to operate the band and guard during the Spring semester. So, not all of the SNAP money can go toward Orlando transportation. 

Color Guard Fees

Uniform Cleaning $25


Color Guard Supplies

*Black Electrical Tape

*Show Shirt (optional) - $15

*Black Hair Ties

*Dance Shoes 

*Nude Gloves (if applicable)

*Solid Black Capri Leggings

*Performance tights or black spandex jazz pants, depending on your uniform

*Water jugs will be provided by the Band Boosters.


--> Guard monogrammed jackets and monogrammed duffle bags are available through Taylor Sporting Goods.  Orders must be placed by the end of June.

Band Fees   
Uniform Fee $50          School-Owned Instrument  $50
*Show shirts will be optional this year. However, they will be very cool!
Band Supplies
-Marching Shoes $27.95+tax at Taylor Sporting Goods. Please get sized ASAP!
-Band Jersey (approximately $20) at Taylor Sporting Goods
-Black, plain-front slacks
-Black dress belt
-Black Socks
*Water jugs will be provided by the Band Boosters.