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The PowerPoint Senior Presentation from Sept 19, 2019
has been uploaded to the Class of 2020 Tab (on the right).
The PowerPoint 10th and 11th grade  PSAT PREP Presentation from Sept 23rd, 2019
has been uploaded to the Class of 2021 Tab (on the right).
próximas pruebas en Taylor HS      otoño 2019
October 2nd/ 2 de octubre:   TSI in the library (free of charge). Sign up in the counseling office.
El TSI tendrá lugar en la biblioteca (gratuitamente). ¡Regístranse en la officina de las consejeras!
* El TSI es el examen requirido para entrar a la universidad y los colegios de 2 años, tales como Temple College, Blinn College u ACC.
October 5th/5 de octubre:   SAT. Register with your counselor/Regístranse a través de College Board  HERE/AQUÍ. 
See your counselor if you qualify for a fee waiver. Remember that, if you qualify, you can take the SAT twice for free.
Habla con su consejera/o si eres eligible para una exencion de pago. Si es el caso, no olvides que puedes tomar el SAT dos veces gratuitamente.
** El SAT es el examen requirido para entrar a las universidades de 4 años.
If you have accommodations through special education, and would like to utilize them on the SAT, make sure with your counselor that a request has been made or that you are already approved. College Board requests for accommodations can take up to 6 weeks. Request it ASAP for October 5th.
October 16th/16 de octubre:  PSAT  for all sophomores and self-selecting juniors aiming for a qualifying NMSQT score. 
Todos los alumnos del grado 10 tomarán el PSAT, el examen preparatorio para el SAT. Los alumnos del grado 11 que eligen hacer el examen otra vez se pueden registrar con las consejeras.
November 13th/13 de noviembre:  ASVAB  in the library (free of charge). Sign up in the counseling office.
El ASVAB tendrá lugar en la biblioteca (gratuitamente). ¡Regístranse en la officina de las consejeras!
* El ASVAB es un examen requirido para unirse a las fuerzas armadas, pero tambien es un examen para descubrir sus fortalezas y carreras posibles.
SEE THE TESTING RESOURCE TAB on Counselors Corner Main Page for practice links to ASVAB, TSI, SAT, ACT.
There are also prep books in the library. Ask Mrs. Butler.
For free online PSAT preparation, follow the link below.
Join Kaplan's PSAT Prep Live. Free live lessons start October 12. Stream must-know math, reading, and writing strategies with teachers, Boris and Stephanie. Save your seat
You may also take the TSI at the Temple College campus in Hutto for a fee.
 See your counselor for more information and/or pdf document below.
THS Students and Parents!
Make sure you stay in touch with your counselors and relevant activities for your grade level!
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TISD Offers Acceleration Exams

Taylor ISD is offering opportunities for secondary students to earn credit in academic subjects. Exams will be offered for most TEKS-based courses in grades 6-12. The purpose of examination for acceleration is to allow a student to accelerate and earn credit for a particular course or grade level without formal instruction in that course or grade level. The student must score a minimum of 80% on the required tests for the course or grade level the student wants to accelerate.

Any TISD student is eligible to participate in testing without charge at the time of the regularly scheduled administration.


The mid-year testing dates are:

      Dec. 16-19, 2019 and January 9-15, 2020

      Registration period, Nov. 1-15, 2019.   


Students interested in participating in the examination for acceleration program should pick up a registration form from the counselor’s office at their school.  Registration forms must be returned to the counselor’s office by the end of the regular school day on Friday, Nov 15.

Questions concerning the examination for acceleration program may be directed to the school counselor or to Debbie Matthys, TISD Assessment Coordinator, at (512) 352-6361.

The testing dates and registration period for summer 2020 will be posted in January 2020.

Notes about the CBE for Foreign Languages:
The test is a proficiency-based test provided through AAPPL. It is not divided by semester, nor consisting of grammar-based multiple choice questions. It holistically assesses the level of the student in reading, listening, writing and speaking by asking them to complete a language task.
Other Subjects:
1. Students must pass each section individually to earn credit for the full year (the two parts A and B, fall and spring cannot be averaged out) 
2. Students who have had prior instruction in the subject they want to test out of must earn an 80; students who have not had prior instructions must earn a 70.