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Mental Health

 Dear THS families,
This page is our attempt to provide THS students and their families with additional resources regarding mental health support and care or rehabilitation in case of acute crises or chronic, long-term problems.
While our campus has a team of counselors and access to part-time social workers, more difficult situations can require other resources outside the campus setting.
Feel free to research these sites to meet your needs. While we review the sites we post from a professional standpoint, we cannot recommend or vouch for the providers that you will access through these sites, but hope you will find a facility or provider to meet your needs.
the THS Counseling Team
Sometimes engaging in stories whose characters face similar challenges that we as a reader as currently facing can help gain some perspective about our own situation and problems, in addition to seeking medical and mental health help, if it is necessary.
This is called bibliotherapy.
Our THS library holds a good range of books relating to issues that teenagers can struggle with.
Feel free to search through the compilation below to identify suitable books. Note that the books are not housed in a "self-help" section in the library so you can be confident that grabbing a specific book from the list won't single you out among peers.