Local Scholarship

2019-2020 Local Scholarship Applications will become available on Jan 31st, 2020 (after counselor presentation)


Counselors will visit senior classrooms to provide guidelines on Jan 31st.


All applications will be due March 6th (Friday) at 4pm sharp (time stamp).


Please come back to this page then!


Local Scholarship Application Instructions:

  1. Login to students school Google account.
  2. Go to the Taylor High School website.
  3. Click on Academics.
  4. Click on Counselor Corner.
  5. Click the Local Scholarship Link on the right side to open the application.
  6. Open the Local Scholarship Application link and download and save the document first.  
    • Link is found at the bottom right of your screen as a pdf.
  7. Re-open your saved document to complete the application.
  8. Save your application by going to File, Save As (add your first and last name to the file name).
  9. Go back to the Local Scholarship Link.
  10. Click “Upload scholarship app here”.
  11. Click add file.
    • File can be added by clicking to upload the file or drag the file into the window.
  12. Click submit. 
  13. From collegeboard.org, download a PDF of your SAT score report and upload.
  14. Students that are applying for scholarships requiring additional essays will need to download and submit the additional essays separately.  Essay files are provided.
CLICK HERE to upload scholarship documents.