Online learning:
For my online learning students will find their work on their classes Schoology.com page for me.  I will have a new video up for them every 3 days.  They will have 2 days to watch the video and learn the new vocabulary, then on the 3rd day they will receive an assignment over the video they just learned.  After 3 videos there will be a test over what has been learned.  All grading will be done in schoology.  ASL 2 will have certain assignments that will involve translations I will provide all material needed to help with this in schoology and the assignment will be there as well.  I do ask that parents sit with students and learn with them and help them practice by signing with them at home.  The more they practice the better they will become.  Please remind students that it is always better to practice non-verbally so that they will sign true ASL and not pidgin.  As always if they have questions I will be available through email, if need be we can set something up with face-time, skype, or another method like it.  My email is [email protected].  If any parent would like to get the earlier lessons to better help you children please email me and I will set a schoology specifically for parents that has back lessons and walk you through how to access it.  Though you could ask your children to teach you and it will help them learn and retain the language better.