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Welding Student Success

From Mr. Scott Bishop: Over the last three days, we had 59 students earn a combined 105 AWS certifications (industry based certifications). These tests are performance based tests, where students have to perform specific welds. Those welds are then inspected and tested to make sure that welds themselves meet industry standards.

Some of these students also tested back in February. Our totals for the 2021-2022 school year is 61 students with 144.

We are proud to announce that we will have 23 seniors graduate this year with a combined 89 certifications. Most students will graduate with 4 certifications and some with as many as 7.

Ms. Ehrlich and I are extremely proud of everything our students have achieved this years

Art places 2nd in TC Contest

From Art Teacher, Jean Barnett: Cadee Rush entered 2 digital pieces into an art contest that Temple College (in Temple) holds each fall. One of her pieces placed 2nd in the high school division. I am so proud of her--she is just an amazing artist.

Click here to see the winning artwork: "Amiss"

THS Summer Programming

Credit Recovery June 1st-16th 8:30-12:30
STAAR Test Prep June 13th-16th 1-4pm
STAAR Retesting begins June 20th
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