Students place at WCLA


Laney Martinez-4th place middleweight class 1 

Marshall Oman- 4th place middleweight class 2   

3rd Place Heavyweight class 1

Grand champion senior Goat showmanship 

Thomas Oman- 2nd place medium weight class 3

2nd place and Reserve champion light heavyweight

Sarah Vrabel- 3rd place Lightweight Goat,

3rd place Heavyweight Goat 

Erin Scott- 12th place Lightweight Goat 



Laney  Martinez- 10th place Medium wool class 1

Ty Jansky-  6th place Fine Wool cross class 1

                     8th Place Medium wool class 1



Kayce Scott- 9th place Duroc class 2 


I’m so proud of all our kids for their hard work and dedication they have put in this year. The students will be working hard the next couple months to get ready the major shows in February and March. 

Division - Functional Metal Craft - 
Erin Scott - 1st place
Cody Dittman - 2nd place
Division - Cakes:
Trinity DeLong - 3rd place with an Oreo Cookie Cake
Division - Cookies
Avery Hagler - 2nd (choc. chip) 
Matilda Rydell - 6th place 
Lily Clark - 1st place ( bar cookies) 
Division - Salsa: 
Garrett Schiller - 1st place
Division - Sewn Clothing -
Erin Scott - 1st place
Division - Artificial Arrangements:
Matilda Rydell - 4th place
Division - Wreaths 
Erin Scott - Grand Champion Wreath of Sr Division 
Sarah Michna - 5th place wreath 
Division - Needlework 
Needle Felting - Erin Scott 2nd place
Needle Felting  - Matilda Rydell Grand Champion and Best of Show with her headband 
Chicken results
Marshall Oman -  5th place cockerels 
Trinity DeLong - 15th out of 45 pens Cockerels 
Cooper Hanson 16th out of 45 pens Cockerels
Mia Crain - 18th out of 45 pens Cockerels 
Shane Parriott - 19th out of 45 pens Cockerels 
Reserve Champion Showman in Senior Division - Cooper Hanson
Turkey Results:
Overall Champion Turkey - Thomas Oman (1st place turkey tom)
Cooper Hanson - 5th place turkey tom
Marshall Oman - 3rd place turkey hen
Cooper Hanson - Reserve Champion turkey hen 
Garrett Schiller - 6th place turkey hen
Thomas Oman - Champion Showman in Intermediate Division 
Marshall Oman - Reserve Champion Showman in Senior Division 
Rabbit Results: 
Sarah Vrabel - 7th and 25th place out of 75
Kodi Copeland - 14th out of 75 pens 
Trace Lopez - 27th out of 75 pens
Reserve Champion Showman - Kodi Copeland