2018 Cross Country Season

Meet:  Giddings
Date:  Friday, Sept. 21, 2018
Location:  Camp Tejas Retreat
From Coach Shelli Cobb: Much better performance for us this week than last week!  Last week, we looked like we were just in a slump coming off one of our strongest meets the week before!  Today, we looked pretty good.  My varsity girls really stepped it up losing the meet title by only 1 point!  Really proud of their effort!  We will take a break next week and just do our fun little Survivor Run on Friday, and then be back at it in Lampasas on October 6th.  That will be our last meet before District!  The season is flying by!
Varsity Boys:  100 Runners    5K Course
Eli Ortiz:  1st Place;  16:59
Christian Rohlack:  27th Place;  19:55
Robert Ramirez:  64th Place;  21:40
Isaiah Aguirre:  69th Place;  21:51
Diego Hall-Albavera:  70th Place;  22:04
Christopher Pachicano:  74th Place;  22:18
Team Score:  7th Place Team
Varsity Girls:  78 Runners     2 Mile Course
Sarah Vrabel: 1st Place;  13:30
Hannah Villarreal:  2nd Place;  13:33
Aiyanna Thompson:  7th Place;  14:12
Ashlyn Collier: 11th Place;  14:29
Jessica Alonso:  30th Place;  15:21
Angelica Cordero:  42nd Place;  15:50
Kaitlyn Finney:  43rd Place; 15:55
Jenny Paris:  47th Place;  16:13
Kaylee Turner:  68th Place;  17:15
Team Score:  2nd Place Team (Lost by 1 point!)
JV Boys:  135 Runners      5K Course
Francisco De La Garza:  36th Place;  21:22
Omar Lopez:  45th Place;  21:47
Tyler Newsom:  48th Place;  22:02
Gabriel Ocampo:  65th Place; 23:14
Miguel Ochoa: 76th Place;  24:17
Kemarius Miller:  77th Place;  24:18
Pedro Ramirez:  80th Place;  24:58
Jackson Rohlack:  98th Place;  26:34
Matt Atkinson:  113th Place;  28:54
David Ortiz:  122nd Place;  32:26
Team Score:  9th Place Team
JV Girls:  102 Runners     2 Mile Course
Avery Tumey:  32nd Place;  16:37
Delecia Strait:  33rd Place;  16:38
Nohemi Ramirez:  52nd Place;  17:39
Beatriz Pena:  54th Place;  17:43
Raven Obier:  61st Place;  18:05
Leslie Robles:  66th Place;  18:32
Alize Dominguez:  68th Place;  18:35
Dagny Rydell:  71st Place;  18:35
Kaeshawna Fields:  73rd Place;  18:48
Team Score:  7th Place Team
Meet:  Gatesville
Date:  Thursday, Sept. 13, 2018
Location:  Gatesville High School
From Coach Shelli Cobb:  Oh what a muddy course today!  The temps were cooler, but the footing pretty tough with mud to the point that it even sucked some shoes right off the runners' feet!  I felt like we did not have as strong a showing today as we did last week; however, it is hard to continue to build week after week and not have a little let down along the way.  I am going to push our kids this week to really get after it and make it over this little plateau.  We will be back in action on Friday, September 21st at Camp Tejas hosted by Giddings.  
Varsity Boys:  104 Runners  (5K Course)
Eli Ortiz:  1st Place;  17:26
Anthony Salazar:  28th Place;  20:04
Christian Rohlack:  36th Place;  20:17
Robert Ramirez:  74th Place;  21:48
Diego Hall-Albavera:  78th Place;  21:58
Pablo Fernandez:  85th Place;  22:16
Team Score:  9th Place Team
Varsity Girls:  124 Runners   (2 Mile Course)
Ashlyn Collier:  15th Place;  14:03
Sarah Vrabel:  25th Place;  14:25
Hannah Villarreal:  33rd Place;  14:44
Aiyanna Thompson:  38th Place;  14:52
Jessica Alonso:  61st Place;  15:33
Angelica Cordero:  69th Place;  15:54
Team Score:  6th Place
JV Boys:  96 Runners   (5K Course)
Christopher Pachicano:  18th Place;  21:38
Israel Aguirre:  30th Place;  22:29
Kemarius Miller:  33rd Place;  22:43
Gabriel Ocampo:  41st Place;  23:15
Miguel Ochoa:  53rd Place;  24:05
Pedro Ramirez:  61st Place;  24:50
Matt Atkinson:  78th Place;  27:49
David Ortiz:  83rd Place;  28:17
Team Score:  5th Place
JV Girls:  114 Runners  (2 Mile Course)
Matilda Rydell:  17th Place;  16:38
Kaitlyn Finney:  25th Place;  16:52
Nohemi Ramirez:  38th Place;  17:33
Avery Tumey:  40th Place;  17:40
Dagny Rydell:  45th Place;  17:51
Alize Dominguez:  59th Place;  18:14
Melanie Gibson:  61st Place;  18:23
Beatriz Pena:  66th Place;  18:35
Raven O'bier:  74th Place;  19:00
Leslie Robles:  75th Place;  19:01
Kaeshawna Fields:  91st Place;  19:40
Audrey Carranza:  93rd Place;  19:46
Raeshawna Fields:  94th Place;  19:48
Raylin Fuentes:  106th Place;  21:08
Jocelene Chicas:  108th Place;  21:10
Veronica Yanez:  114th Place;  26:03
Team Score:  6th Place
Meet:  Pflugerville
Date:  Friday, Sept. 7, 2018
Location:  North East Metro Park
From Coach Shelli Cobb:  I was extremely excited to see my teams compete so hard today.  Every week, we have improved tremendously, and keep getting stronger and stronger.  These younger, inexperienced runners are starting to figure it out.  There is just something that you cannot coach or teach these kids that can only come from experience.  Each week, their experience is helping the to see what strong runners they can be.  That is only going to help us as we move closer to district.  Next week, we will run in Gatesville on Thursday, Sept. 12th.  
Varsity Boys:  40 Runners
Eli Ortiz:  1st Place;  16:35
Christian Rohlack:  8th Place;  18:08
Robert Ramirez:  16th Place;  19:41
Pablo Fernandez:  17th Place;  19:42
Omar Lopez:  18th Place;  19:47
Diego Hall-Albavera:  28th Place;  20:37
Christopher Pachicano:  29th Place;  20:46
Israel Aguirre:  36th Place;  22:14
Team Score:  2nd Place Team
Varsity Girls:  47 Runners
Sarah Vrabel:  2nd Place;  13:13
Hannah Villarreal:  4th Place;  13:34
Ashlyn Collier:  15th Place;  13:45
Aiyanna Thompson:  6th Place;  13:56
Jessica Alonso:  11th Place;  14:17
Jenny Paris:  16th Place;  15:07
Angelica Cordero:  20th Place;  15:22
Kaitlyn Finney:  27th Place;  15:51
Delecia Strait:  29th Place;  16:24
Matilda Rydell:  31st Place;  16:42
Team Score:  Tied for 1st!  Lost tie in tie breaker!
JV Boys:  16 Runners
Anthony Salazar:  4th Place;  19:23
Tyler Newsom:  6th Place;  21:43
Gabriel Ocampo:  8th Place;  22:39
Kemarius Miller:  9th Place;  23:13
Jackson Rohlack:  11th Place;  24:46
Pedro Ramirez: 12th Place;  24:56
David Ortiz:  13th Place;  26:11
Team Score:  2nd Place Team
JV Girls:  12 Runners
Kaylee Turner:  1st Place;  16:22
Avery Tumey:  2nd Place;  16:23
Nohemi Ramirez:  3rd Place;  16:30
Alize Dominguez:  4th Place;  17:12
Raven Obier:  5th Place;  17:45
Leslie Robles:  6th Place;  18:07
Dagny Rydell:  7th Place;  18:47
Tatiana Lopez:  8th Place;  19:06
Audrey Carranza:  9th Place;  19:17
Kaeshawna Fields:  11th Place;  19:23
Team Score:  1st Place Team
Meet:  Pro Fit Invitational
Date:  Friday, August 31, 2018
Location:  Wilson Park, Temple
From Coach Shelli Cobb: This was a much better week for the Ducks on a much tougher course!  I was so excited to see my teams step up and compete at a higher level today.  They made great strides against district rivals Salado and Lampasas in this meet, and I am looking forward to seeing how we build on this next week.  We will be in action again on Friday, September 7th in Pflugerville!  
Varsity Girls:  107 Runners   2 Mile Course
Sarah Vrabel:  11th Place;  13:43
Hannah Villarreal:  19th Place;  14:18
Ashlyn Collier:  26th Place;  14:38
Jessica Alonso:  37th Place;  15:08
Aiyanna Thompson:  47th Place;  15:24
Team Score:  4th Place Tea
Varsity Boys:  120 Runners    5K Course
Eli Ortiz:  3rd Place;  16:45
Christian Rohlack:  35th Place;  19:30
Robert Ramirez:  58th Place;  20:26
Omar Lopez:  65th Place;  20:41
Israel Aguirre:  82nd Place;  21:40
Christopher Pachicano:  83rd Place;  21:54
Team Score:  7th Place Team
JV Girls:  95 Runners      2 Mile Course
Angelica Cordero:  12th Place  16:09
DD Strait:  19th Place;  16:43
Kaitlyn Finney:  20th Place;  16:52
Matilda Rydell:  28th Place;  17:18
Jenny Paris:  36th Place;  17:50
Raven Obier:  43rd Place;  18:19
Makaylah Torres:  46th Place;  18:28
Nohemi Ramirez:  47th Place;  18:31
Dagny Rydell:  49th Place;  18:44
Avery Tumey:  55th Place;  19:24
Kaylee Turner:  56th Place;  19:24
Alize Dominguez:  57th Place;  19:25
Leslie Robles:  63rd Place;  19:58
Kashawna Fields:  65th Place;  20:04
Raeshawna Fields:  66th Place;  20:06
Audrey Carranza:  67th Place;  20:06
Tatianna Lopez:  70th Place; 20:09
Beatriz Pena:  76th Place;  21:10
Kylea Roark:  82nd Place;  22:16
Raylin Fuentes:  84th Place;  22:29
Jocelene Chicas:  86th Place;  22:32
Veronica Yanez:  95th Place;  27:51
Team Score:  4th Place Team
JV Boys:  96 Runners   5K Course
Pablo Fernandez:  7th Place;  20:02
Diego Hall-Albavera:  30th Place;  21:54
Tyler Newsom:  38th Place;  22:15
Miguel Ochoa:  44th Place;  22:33
Gabriel Ocampo:  67th Place;  24:09
Kemarius Miller:  70th Place;  24:19
Pedro Ramirez:  74th Place;  24:44
Jackson Rohlack:  81st Place;  26:06
David Ortiz:  94th Place;  31:38
Team Score:  5th Place Team
Meet:  Belton
Location:  Wildflower Country Club in Temple
Date:  Friday, Aug. 24, 2018
From Coach Shelli Cobb:  "Our first meet proved to be a tough one for us, but I am proud of my kiddos' effort.  I feel like I saw some potential in some of my younger runners that I can really build on.  We are definitely a young team this year, and we will only get stronger with experience.  We've got a lot of work to do before district, but I know this crew is up to the challenge! We will be back in action in Temple at the Pro Fit Invitational on Friday, August 31st.  Taylor Ain't Tired!"
Varsity Girls:  2 Mile Course   104 Runners
Sarah Vrabel:  12th Place;  13:39
Ashlyn Collier:  35th Place; 14:54
Hannah Villarreal:  36th Place;  15:01
Jessica Alonso:  44th Place;  15:11
Angelica Cordero:  72nd Place;  16:27
Team Score:  8th
Varsity Boys:  3 Mile Course   109 Runners
Eli Ortiz:  5th Place;  17:40
Christian Rohlack:  36th Place;  19:51
Francisco De La Garza:  42nd Place;  20:05
Robert Ramirez:  57th Place;  20:38
Israel Aguirre:  84th Place; 22:39
Miguel Ochoa:  91st Place;  25:34
Jackson Rohlack:  100th Place;  25:44
Team Score:  10th Place
JV Girls:  2 Mile Course   230 Runners
Aiyanna Thompson:  14th Place;  15:30
Jenny Paris:  56th Place;  16:35
DD Strait:  64th Place;  16:45
Matilda Rydell:  94th Place;  17:24
Nohemi Ramirez:  106th Place;  17:36
Kaitlyn Finney:  115th Place;  17:45
Dagny Rydell:  119th Place;  17:48
Leslie Robles:  139th Place;  18:17
Alize Dominguez:  142nd Place;  18:20
Raven Obier:  149th Place; 18:30
Melanie Gibson:  150th Place;  18:31
Rae Rae Fields:  168th Place;  18:59
Audrey Carranza:  176th Place;  19:15
Raylin Fuentes:  208th Place;  20:49
Tatiana Lopez:  215th Place;  21:07
Kylea Roark:  221st Place;  21:47
Team Score:  5th Place
JV Boys:  3 Mile Course   242 Runners
Christopher Pachicano:  55th Place;  21:26
Omar Lopez:  65th Place;  21:44
Diego Hall-Albavera:  65th Place;  21:59
Tyler Newsom:  83rd Place;  22:05
Gabriel Ocampo:  120th Place;  22:45
Anthony Salazar:  121st Place;  22:48
Pablo Fernandez:  130th Pace;  23:00
Essau Ortiz:  151st Place;  23:57
Kemarius Miller:  161st Place;  24:14
David Ortiz:  229th Place;  28:30
Team Score:  Not Given