THS Color Guard receives Superior Ratings at National Competition

The highlight of this competition was being able to meet and spend time with the traveling team from South Africa.  Our girls brought a goody bag full of Taylor goodies (donated by TISD), candy, US flags, and a few Longhorn items as well.  The girls were able to talk for about 30 minutes sharing that not all people from Texas ride horses while discovering that not all people who live in South Africa live in huts.  There was a lot of laughter and the girls exchanged social media information.  (See picture below)
The competition this year was fierce, but our girls still received superior ratings in every event, from every judge, in every category! Overall, they finished 3rd in team flag, just fractions of points out of the lead.  The girls placed 5th in team flag/rifle, due to, in part, one of our lead rifles coming down with a stomach virus on the trip.  She was unable to compete.  
Overall, fighting fever, a stomach virus, and two very long days, this was an amazing trip for all. If you see any of the girls, please congratulate them for their hard work and success.  Coming up for THSColor?  A performance at the Stepper Spring Show, Solo and Ensemble Contests, The Battle of Flowers Parade, 2018-2019 auditions, and the 2nd Annual Percussion - Guard Gala on May 8th.
Thank you all for your continued support of these young ladies.
2018 Winter Guard Members
Jalayah Brown
Anai Hernandez
Gabby Mireles
Treanette Vasquez
Jessica Alonso
Emma Chapman
Yaneli Figueroa
Ariana Flores
Vanessa Hernandez
Ruby Mendoza
Jasmine Rodriguez
Rachel Stabeno
Elizabeth Vasquez
Yaret Zamora
Ansley Bartoli
Jennifer Flores
Raylin Fuentes
Danielle Rios
Hayde Arias
Deziree Gonzales
Natasha Villareal
Molly Wilson
Elijah Cortez