Cross Country Update

State Meet
Friday, November 3, 2017
Eli Ortiz finished 4th out 152 runners in the 4A Division at the State Cross Country meet Saturday.  He ran his best time ever of 16:08. He missed the 3rd place medal by 3 tenths of a second.  So proud of this kid.  He fought so hard in the finish and just did a phenomenal job.  Great young man, great season.  
Region III Cross Country Championships
Monday, October 23rd
Kate Barr-Ross Park in Huntsville
Eli Ortiz finished 3rd at the Regional meet in Huntsville to qualify for the State Meet
District Meet
October 13, 2017
From Coach Shelli Cobb: I cannot express how proud I am of our Varsity boys today for qualifying for the Regional Meet in Huntsville!  Salado has been beating us all season, and we knew that we were going to have to go after them to make it out.  These guys stepped up to the challenge and got it done!  It was so exciting!  Overall, almost all of our kids ran faster times than they did last week on this course.  I am very pleased with how they competed today.  The Region III Cross Country Championships will be help at Kate Barr-Ross Park in Huntsville on Monday, October 23rd.  Our boys are scheduled to run at 2:15.
Varsity boys:  5K Course   51 Runners
Eli Ortiz:  1st Place;  16:24
Ben Roberts:  19th Place;  18:23
Derek Martinez:  25th Place;  18:30
Derrian Duncan:  31st Place;  18:55
Francisco De La Garza:  36th Place; 19:29
Miguel Ochoa:  41st Place;  20:56
Jackson Rohlack:  45th Place;  21:58
Team Score:  3rd Place     ****Regional Qualifiers****
Varsity Girls:  2 Mile Course    46 Runners
Sarah Vrabel:  23rd Place; 13:57
Hannah Villarreal:  24th Place;  13:57
Ashlyn Collier:  33rd Place;  14:15
Jessica Alonso:  44th Place;  15:41
Matilda Rydell:  45th Place;  16:04
Ariana Sanchez:  46th Place;  16:39
Team Score:  6th Place
JV Boys:  5K Course    63 Runners
Israel Aguirre:   37th Place;  21:48
Kevin Mesta:  44th Place;  22:37
Omar Lopez:  50th Place;  23:25
Pedro Ramiez:  53rd Place; 24:11
Diego Elizondo:  54th Place; 24:40
David Ortiz: 57th Place; 27:10
Stephen Leal:  58th Place;  27:24
Darius Reyes:  60th Place;  27:30
Team Score: 5th Place
JV Girls:  2 Mile Course   45 Runners
Angelica Cordero:  20th Place; 16:06
Leslie Robles:  30th Place;  17:36
Raven Obier:  36th Place;  18:50
Atlantis Mireles:  39th Place;  19:09
Alize Dominguez:  40th Place;  19:25
Raeshawna Fields:  41st Place;  19:31
Team Score:   5th Place
Meet:  Lampasas
Date:  10-6-17
Location:  Lampasas High School
From Coach Shelli Cobb:  Today we had a chance to look at the course that we will be running for district next week.  Overall, I was a little disappointed in how we competed today.  We had a few runners out with injuries and there were tons of distractions with homecoming this week, but I had hoped that we would perform a little better than we did.  The good news is we have another week to pull it together and be ready for district.  I would much rather have an off day before district than on that important day.  District is Friday, October 13th in Lampasas.  
Varsity Boys:  5K Course  96 Runners
Eli Ortiz:  4th Place;  16:59
Derrian Duncan:  57th Place;  19:48
Ben Roberts:  61st Place;  19:54
Francisco De La Garza:  71st Place;  20:44
Miguel Ochoa:  75th Place;  21:18
Jackson Rohlack:  78th Place;  21:43
Team Score:  7th Place
Varsity Girls:  2 Mile Course  82 Runners
Sarah Vrabel: 36th Place;  14:12
Hannah Villarreal:  50th Place;  14:48
Ashlyn Collier:  53rd:  14:59
Matilda Rydell:  65th Place;  15:33
Ariana Sanchez:  76th Place;  17:07
Team Score:  9th Place
JV Boys:  5K Course  74 Runners
Israel Aguirre:  49th Place;  22:48
Omar Lopez:  51st Place;  23:08
Pedro Ramirez:  59th Place;  24:05
Kevin Mesta:  65th Place;  25:40
Diego Elizondo:  67th Place;  26:11
Darius Reyes:   70th Place;  27:51
David Ochoa:  71st Place;  29:26
Team Score:  7th Place
JV Girls:  2 Mile Course   49 Runners
Angelica Cordero:  21st Place;  16:36
Raven Obier:  35th Place;  18:48
Alize Dominguez:  45th Place;  21:04
Meet:  Giddings
Date:  Friday, September 22, 2017
Location:  Camp Tejas
From Coach Shelli Cobb:  My girls ran so much stronger today than we have.  I was so proud of them!  They only missed first place today by 5 points!  On the boys side, Eli totally annihilated the field today.  He looked extremely strong on this long course.  We are dealing with some injuries right now that we need to work through on both the boys and girls sides, but we have time to get them where they need to be for district.  Next week, we are open but will be running on the district course in Lampasas on October 6th.  
Varsity Boys:  5K Course   (90 runners)
Eli Ortiz:  1st Place;  16:59
Derek Martinez:  10th Place;  18:28
Derrian Duncan:  34th Place;  20:29
Miguel Ochoa:  55th Place;  21:48
Robert Ramirez:  57th Place; 22:02
Jackson Rohlack:  82nd Place;  26:30
Team Score:  4th Place
Varsity Girls:  2 Mile Course  (56 Runners)
Sarah Vrabel: 2nd Place;  13:44
Hannah Villarreal:  3rd Place;  14:00
Ashlyn Collier:  12th Place;  14:44
Keragan Brooks:  19th Place;  15:03
Jessica Alonso:  23rd Place;  15:35
Ariana Sanchez:  35th Place;  16:51
Team Score:  2nd Place
JV Boys:  5K Course   (109 Runners)
Israel Aguirre:  54th Place;  23:18
Omar Lopez:  60th Place;  23:44
Pedro Ramirez:  67th Place;  24:20
Kevin Mesta:  86th Place;  26:14
Darius Reyes:  87th Place;  26:43
Diego Elizondo:  88th Place;  26:51
Juan Araujo:  97th Place;  29:09
Team Score:  11th Place
JV Girls: 2 Mile Coure   (110 Runners)
Angelica Cordero:  39th Place;  17:04
Atlantis Mireles:  56th Place;  18:09
Raven Obier:   62nd Place;  18:16
Leslie Robles:  79th Place;  19:24
Raeshawna Fields:  84th Place;  19:34
Team Score: 9th Place
Meet:  Gatesville
Date:  9-14-17
Location:  Gatesville High School
From Coach Shelli Cobb:  Today's course was a little longer and tougher than last week.  Our kids did a great job though.  It hurt us to have some runners out sick and injured today.  Hopefully we will be back to full force next week as we travel to Giddings to compete.   We are progressing in our season and gaining on some of district competition.  Only four more weeks until district!
Varsity Boys:  3 Mile Course   104 Runners
Eli Ortiz:  1st Place;  16:30
Derek Martinez:  10th Place;  17:34
Derrian Duncan:  19th Place;  18:18
Ben Roberts:  52nd Place;  19:34
Robert Ramirez:  71st Place;  20:37
Francisco De La Garza:  72nd Place;  20:39
Jackson Rohlack:  85th Place;  22:33
Team Score:  4th Place
Varsity Girls:  2 Mile Course   94 Runners
Hannah Villarreal:  20th Place;  14:20
Ashlyn Collier:  39th Place;  14:55
Jessica Alonso:   67th Place;  15:5
Ariana Sanchez:  79th Place;  16:24
JV Boys:  3 Mile Course   199 Runners
Anthony Salazar:  20th Place; 20:32
Miguel Ochoa: 32nd Place;  21:07
Jose Lopez:  34th Place;  21:15
Francisco Martinez:51st Place; 21:42
Stephen Leal:  62nd Place;  22:08
Pedro Ramirez:  72nd Place;  22:38
Kevin Mesta:  110th Place;  24:47
Isaiah Mesa:  112th Place  24:54
David Ortiz:  116th Place;  25:12
Diego Elizondo:  124th Place;  25:40
Omar Hernandez:  125th Place;  25:46
Juan Araujo:  127th Place;  25:49
Matt Atkinson:  133rd Place;  26:46
Darius Reyes:  136th Place;  27:51
Team Score:  7th Place
JV Girls:  2 Mile Course   118 Runners
Angelica Cordero:  19th Place;  16:22
Raven Obier:  61st Place;  18:00
Atlantis Mireles:  66th Place;  18:12
Leslie Robles:  68th Place;  18:16
Adriana Torres:  87th Place;  19:32
Faith Gomez:   115th Place;  21:51
Team Score:  9th Place
Meet:  Pflugerville Meet
Date:  Friday, Sept. 8
Location:  North East Metro Park
From Coach Shelli Cobb:  We had a great day today!  I saw some really impressive times out of my kids at this meet.  Super proud of them all!  We will be at it again next week on Thursday, September 14th in Gatesville!
Varsity Boys:  3 Mile Course  50 Runners
Eli Ortiz:  1st Place;  16:07
Derek Martinez:  6th Place;  17:23
Derrian Duncan:  15th Place;  18:20
Ben Roberts:  21st Place;  18:36
Anthony Salazar:  35th Place;  19:45
Robert Ramirez: 37th Place;  19:54
Miguel Ochoa:  40th Place;  20:04
Jose Lopez:  41st Place;  20:10
Jackson Rohlack:  44th Place;  20:32
Francisco Martinez:  47th Place;  21:33
Team Score:  3rd Place
Varsity Girls:  2 Mile Course   27 Runners
Sarah Vrabel:  2nd Place;  13:09
Hanna Villarreal:  12th Place;  13:40
Keragan Brooks:  20th Place;  14:36
Jessica Alonso:  22nd Place;  15:13
Ariana Sanchez:  25th Place;  16:01
Team Score:  3rd Place
JV Boys:  3 Mile Course   29 Runners
Francisco De La Garza:  2nd Place;  19:46
Israel Aguirre:  10th Place;  20:49
Stephen Leal:  13th Place;  21:03
Pedro Ramirez:  16th Place;  22:59
Kevin Mesta:  17th Place;  22:59
Isaiah Mesa:  18th Place;  23:14
Omar Hernandez:  22nd Place;  24:40
David Ortiz:  23rd Place;  24:52
Diego Elizondo:  24th Place;  25:11
Matthew Atkinson:  25th Place;  25:12
Juan Araujo:  27th Place;  26:24
Roque Lavalle:  29th Place;   27:34
Team Score:  3rd Place
JV Girls:  2 Mile Course   44 Runners
Ashlyn Collier:  4th Place;  14:12
Angelica Cordero:  16th Place;  16:21
Atlantis Mireles:  21st Place;  16:44
Leslie Robles:  24th Place;  17:00
Raven Obier:  28th Place;  17:44
Alize Dominguez:  29th Place;  17:46
Adriana Torres:  30th Place;  17:57
Raeshawna Fields:  36th Place;  18:46
Faith Gomez:  44th Place;  19:40
Team Score:  4th Place
Meet:  Pro Fit Invitational
Date:  Friday, Sept. 1, 2017
Location:  James Wilson Park in Temple
From Coach Shelli Cobb:  This was probably the toughest course I have ever seen!  The hills were brutal.  We incorporate hill work into our weekly practices to prepare for courses like this, but this one was a beast.  I am proud of how my kiddos stepped up to the challenge and attacked the course.  Illness and injury played a role in us not fairing better as a team today, but I know we'll have a better showing next week when we hopefully are all 100%.  Our next meet is Friday, September 8th in Pflugerville.
Varsity Boys:  3 Mile Course   (101 Runners)
Derek Martinez:  7th Place;  17:46
Eli Ortiz:  13th Place;  18:30
Derrian Duncan:  40th Place;  19:45
Anthony Salazar:  47th Place;  20:02
Ben Roberts:  61st Place;  20:38
Miguel Ochoa:  78th Place;  21:51
Robert Ramirez:  79th Place;  21:59
Francisco Martinez:  81st Place;  22:17
Israel  Aguirre:  84th Place;  22:36
Team Score:  6th Place
Varsity Girls:  2 Mile Course   (83 Runners)
Hannah Villarreal:  26th Place;  14:34
Sarah Vrabel:  38th Place;  15:00
Jessica Alonso:  53rd Place;  15:38
Ariana Sanchez:  73rd Place;  16:40
JV Boys:  3 Mile Course:  (76 Runners)
Jose Lopez:  31st Place;  22:47
Isaiah Mesa:  33rd Place;  22:51
Pedro Ramriez:  36th Place;  23:06
Stephen Leal:  42nd Place;  23:27
Jackson Rohlack:  51st Place;  24:00
Kevin Mesta:  59th Place;  26:21
Omar Hernandez:  64th Place;  27:17
Juan Araujo:  67th Place;  27:23
David Ortiz:  69th Place;  28:17
Darius Reyes:  70th Place;  28:25
Roque Lavalle:  71st Place;  31:08
Team Score:  6th Place
JV Girls:  2 Mile Course   (64 Runners)
Ashlyn Collier:  4th Place;  15:31
Angelica Cordero:  18th Place;  17:31
Atlantis Mireles:  31st Place;  18:25
Raven Obier:  32nd Place;  18:35
Leslie Robles:  36th Place;  19:27
Adriana Torres:  39th Place;  19:41
Alize Dominguez:  49th Place;  20:09
Raeshawna Fields:  54th Place;  21:08
Faith Gomez:  60th Place;  22:17
Team Score:  3rd Place 
Meet:  Belton
Location:  Wildflower Country Club in Temple
Date:  Friday, August 25, 2017
From Coach Shelli Cobb: I was very pleased with how our kids competed in this first meet of the season.  Overall, I think our returners stepped up and proved that they came back this year ready to do some great things.  Our new, younger runners got some much needed race experience under their belts and can now see what they need to do to improve.  I am super excited to see where we go from here! Our next meet is Friday, September 1st in Temple.  TNT!  Taylor Ain't Tired!
Varsity Girls:  2 Mile Course (72 Runners)
Sarah Vrabel:  8th Place;  13:43
Hannah Villarreal:  13th Place;  13:53
Eleanor Villarreal:  34th Place;  14:42
Keragan Brooks:  40th Place;   14:59
Jessica Alonso:  46th Place;  15:13
Ariana Sanchez:  50th Place;  15:23
Matilda Rydell:  56th Place;  15:54
Team Score:  4th Overall
Varsity Boys:  3 Mile Course   (70 Runners)
Eli Ortiz:  1st Place;  17:05
Derek Martinez:  5th Place;  17:58
Derriaan Duncan:  18th Place;  19:27
Ben Roberts: 28th Place; 19:48
Robert Ramirez:  37th Place;  20:55
Anthony Salazar: 64th Place;  23:21
Jackson Rohlack:  66th Place;  24:24
Team Score:  4th Overall
JV Girls:  2 Mile Course  (186 Runners)
Ashlyn Collier:  34th Place;  15:47
Angelica Cordero:  107th Place;  17:38
Raven Obier:  124th Place; 18:09
Adriana Torres:  131st Place;  18:17
Atlantis Mireles:  133rd Place;  18:18
Alize Dominguez:  140th Place;  18:30
Leslie Robles:  150th Place;  18:48
Raeshawna Fields:  170th Place;  19:35
Faith Gomez:  172nd Place;  20:00
Team Score:  12th Overall
JV Boys:  3 Mile Course  (236 Runners)
Omar Lopez:  35th Place; 20:29
Francisco Martinez:  76th Place;  21:31
Jose Lopez:  86th Place; 21:44
Israel Aguirre:  95th Place;  21:51
Pedro Ramirez:  103rd Place;  22:07
Miguel Ochoa:  120th Place;  22:20
Isaiah Mesa:  149th Place;  22:59
Stephen Leal:  156th Place;  23:14
Kevin Mesta:  188th Place;  24:09
David Ortiz:  204th Place;  24:46
Mathew Atkinson:  211th Place;  25:18
Omar Hernandez:  218th Place;  25:39
Darius Reyes:  225th Place;  26:21
Juan Araujo:  230th Place;  27:34
Roque Lavalle:  235th Place;  29:27