Lifeskills Competes in Special Olympics

From Teacher Deborah Jackson:  It was a great weekend watching our lifeskills students compete in area basketball.  Results will be announced, but here are a few of my favorite highlights

Taylor Marx hit two shots [goal height 10 ft]. She's never made a shot in practice!!!! That basket must be a giant given her size. Seeing her chase down a ball that got away and then completing the drill was awesome.

Ashley O'Brien found herself living in the moment with a confidence i've never seen before, making shots and showing leadership. She said it best, "I'm good" !!!

Sergio Rodriquez activily involved in a team sport. Putting himself out there for the first time and lovin' it. He learned how to be a part is something and work for a team goal with teammates.

Natalie R. Scoring points, running down the court with her arms in the air yelling YAY. She demonstrated inner strength and a "never give up" attitude. Seeing her Involved in extra-curricular sports is absolutely amazing!!!!!

Noah Springfield made a shot [10 ft. Goal] executing drills with focus, intent, and purpose was impressive.

I'm so proud of these students and extremely happy they are experiencing positive personal growth.