Lifters Compete

From Coach Daniel Thomas:
Results for last women's regional qualifying meet Lago Vista for The Lady Ducks:
Starting out in the 114 lb weight class Ariana"The Katana" Sanchez earned a total of 450 lbs for a 3rd place finish . 148 lb weight class Faith" Fiddle Hams" Johnson earned a 5th place finish totaling 630 lbs. Advancing to the regional powerlifting meet in the 114 pound weight class Hailey" Coodie "  Lentz , and in the 220 pound weight class Emily" Serious " Sumpter & Liberty Michna. 
Current Regional Standings-Squat/Bench/Deadlift
114s 2nd Hailey Lentz 275 125 295
220s 4th Liberty Michna 215 95 290
220s 8th Emily Sumpter185 110 225 
The Ducks:
Starting out in the 123 pound weight class Noah "Pachi" Pachicano totaled 1020 lbs to earn a 1st place finish. In the 132 lb weight class Shawnpail "Pizzle" Fields totaled 1015 lbs to earn a 2nd place medal. On to the 148 lb weight class where Isaiah " Master" Mesa totaled 1365 lbs for a 1st place finish, and Stephen " Ta-Dow" Leal totaled 910 lbs for 4th place . In the 165 lb weight class Matthew "Ocean" Kocian totaled 1255 lbs for 1st place , "Heavy" Hugh Shelton 1075 for 3rd , and 4th (by weight-in) with a total of 1075 Christian "Yippie" Yannis . Shane " The Winter Soldier " Buckingham totaled 1230 lbs to earn a 1st place medal in the 198 lb weight class . In the 242s , Daniel "Killaplatos" Villalobos totaled 1065 lbs for a hard earned 3rd place finish . The men's team earned their 1st victory of the year totaling 43 team points . A sweet and well deserved win for boys . Please congratulate the lifters when you see them . Come on out this Saturday @ 9:00 am to Pflugerville Connally to see how the men turn out.