Cross Country 2021

Meet:  State
Date:  Saturday, November 6, 2021
Location:  Old Settlers Park, Round Rock
From Coach Shelli Cobb: Aiyanna “Tiny” Thompson did a fabulous job finishing 91st in a huge field of top competitors and running a 12:53.  We are so proud of Aiyanna and all she has achieved this year.
state XC
Meet:  Region III Cross Country Championships
Date:  Monday, Oct. 25, 2021
Location:  Huntsville
From Coach Shelli Cobb: This was an excruciatingly hot meet.  We did not run our races until 2:30 and 3:00 in the afternoon.  The heat really took a toll on all runners involved.  Aiyanna (Tiny) was determined to be a State Qualifier though, and was not going to let anything stand in her way.  She ran an amazing race and truly put everything she had into it. We are so proud to see her advance and represent Taylor at the highest level.  She will compete at Old Settlers Park on Saturday, Nov. 6th at 10:00 am.  Brennan and Christian had awesome seasons as well.  They competed hard, represented our school and community proudly, and were great kids to work with.  The best thing about these kids is that they do what they are supposed to do no matter what.  They take care of business at practice, competition, in the classroom, and community.  Great kids doing great things.  Taylor Ain't Tired!!!!!
Varsity Girls:  172 Runners.  (2 Mile Course)
Aiyanna Thompson:  5th Place;  12:44 ********STATE QUALIFIER
State Qualifier XC
Varsity Boys:  176 Runners. (5K Course)
Brennan Zupfer:  31st Place;  18:18
Christian Rohlack:  72nd Place;  19:40
Regional XC 2021
Meet:  District Meet
Date:  10-11-21
Location:  Jarrell High School
From Coach Shelli Cobb:  I am so excited to see Aiyanna, Brennan and Christian qualify for the Regional Cross Count!ry Meet.  They worked extremely hard and competed in a tough race to get there.  Our team also celebrated several personal bests on this course today.  It was sad to see the season end for a number of our team members, but great to see them improve so much. Our qualifiers will be running again on October 25th in Huntsville for a chance to be State Qualifiers!  Let's Glo Ducks!  Taylor Ain't Tired
Varsity Girls:  35 Runners (2 Mile Course)
Aiyanna Thompson:  3rd Place;  12:44. ****Regional Qualifier
Lily Vega:  24th Place;  14:43
Zari Thompson:  27th Place
Varsity Boys:  40 Runners. (5K Course)
Brennan Zupfer:  5th Place;  17:38.   ****Regional Qualifier
Christian Rohlack:  7th Place;  18:01.  ***Regional Qualifier
Rhett Richardson:  27th Place;  19:39
Giovanni Aguilar:  33rd Place;  20:14
Diego Hall-Albavera:  37th Place;  20:46
Landon Velasquez:  38th Place;  20:47
Andrew Cortez:  39th Place;  20:52
JV Girls:  59 Runners. (2 Mile Course)
Dagny Rydell:  37th Place;  17:38
Tatiana Lopez:  59th Place;  24:34
JV Boys:  49 Runners.  (5K Course)
Jett Vanbrocklin:  19th Place;  21:30
Brandon Aguilar:  27th Place;  22:04
Matthew Pachicano:  29th Place;  22:19
Kemarius Miller:  36th Place;  23:37
Joel Lopez:  38th Place;  24:01
Josh Lopez:  43rd Place;  25:32
Dylan Ruemke:  46th Place;  27:05
Kenneth Calvo:  48th Place;  30:28
Team Score:  4th Overall
cross country  Cross Country 2  Cross Country
Meet:  Jarrell 
Location:  Jarrell High School
Date:  Saturday, Oct. 2nd 
From Coach Shelli Cobb:  So glad our weather held out Saturday and we were able to get a practice run in on the district course!  Some of our runners have competed on this course in the past, but it was a great opportunity for our newer runners to get some experience on the course before district.  We will be running in Jarrell again on Monday, October 11th for the district meet as we see who can qualify for the Regional meet in Huntsville later this month.  Let's Go Ducks!  Taylor Aint Tired!
Varsity Girls:  54 Runners. (2 Mile Course)
Aiyanna Thompson:  2nd Place;  12:47
Lily Vega:  34th Place;  14:40
Zari Thompson:  39th Place;  14:55
JV Girls:  24 Runners  (2 Mile Course)
Dagny Rydell:  13th Place;  16:41
Tatiana Lopez:  26th Place;  22:39
Varsity Boys:  80 Runners. (5K Course)
Brennan Zupfer:  13th Place;  17:44
Christian Rohlack:  28th Place;  18:43
Rhett Richardson:  50th Place;  19:45
Giovanni Aguilar:  56th Place;  20:18
Landon Velasquez:  62nd Place;  20:43
Andrew Cortez:  63rd Place;  20:46
Diego Hall-Albavera:  67th Place;  20:56
Brandon Aguilar:  69th Place; 21:16
Kemarius Miller:  70th Place;  22:19
JV Boys:  63 Runners. (5K Course)
Matthew Pachicano:  23rd Place; 21:33
Joel Lopez:  42nd Place; 24:00
Josh Lopez: 55th Place;  26:22
Dylan Ruemke:  62nd Place;  27:32
Meet:  Camp Tejas Invitational
Date:  9-24-21
Location:  Camp Tejas (Giddings)
From Coach Shelli Cobb: The Ducks had some great results this week at Giddings!  We saw some personal bests from many of our kids and are really excited about the improvement our teams are making.  We look forward to a pre-district meet at Jarrell this next week to see how we are stacking up against our competition.  Our next meet will be in Jarrell on Saturday, October 2nd.  T-A-T!  Taylor Ain't Tired!
Varsity Girls:  83 Runners. (2 Mile Course)
Aiyanna Thompson:  1st Place;  12:47
Lily Vega:  10th Place;  14:29
Zari Thompson: 17th Place;  14:49
Dagny Rydell:  57th Place;  16:53
Tatiana Lopez:  82nd Place;  25:31
Varsity Boys:  70 Runners (5K Course)
Christian Rohlack:  2nd Place;  17:09
Brennan Zupfer:  3rd Place;  17:39
Landon Velasquez: 23rd Place;  19:35
Giovanni Aguilar:  29th Place;  19:51
Rhett Richardson:  32nd Place;  20:06
Diego Hall-Albavera:  46th Place;  20:55
Kemarius Miller:  56th Place;  21:29
Brandon Aguilar:  66th Place;  22:27
Team Score:  3rd Place Overall
JV Boys:  166 Runners. (5K Course)
Andrew Cortez:  37th Place;  20:00
Jett Vanbrocklin:  78th Place;  21:43
Matthew Pachicano:  97th Place;  22:10
Joel Lopez:  144th Place;  26:39
Kenneth Calvo:  149th Place;  27:43
Dylan Ruemke:  156th Place;  30:35
Team Score:  3rd Place in 1A-4A teams
XC 2021  XC 2021
Meet:  Pflugerville Invitational
Date:  September 10, 2021
Location:  North East Metropolitan Park
From Coach Shelli Cobb: Two great competitive meets for our runners!   We have some team members who are turning out some amazing performances right now.  It is really exciting to watch.  With only a few weeks left until our District meet, we still have a lot of work to do.  Our kids are up to the challenge and ready to represent Taylor?  Our next meet will be hosted by Giddings at Camp Tejas on September 24th.  Taylor Ain't Tired!
Varsity Girls:  48 Runners. (2 Mile Course)
Aiyanna Thompson:  3rd Place;  12:28
Lily Vega:  22nd Place; 14:17
Zari Thompson:  26th Place; 14:31
Dagny Rydell:  42nd Place;  17:22
Varsity Boys:  73 Runners. (5K Course)
Brennan Zupfer:  3rd Place; 18:43
Christian Rohlack:  8th Place; 19:09
Rhett RIchardson:  28th Place; 21:14
Landon Velasquez:  29th Place; 21:17
Giovanni Aguilar:  38th Place;  22:01
Brandon Aguilar:  40th Place;  22:10
Diego Hall-Albavera:  46th Place;  23:19
Kemarius Miller:  48th Place;  23:28
JV Boys:  149 Runners. (5K Course)
Andrew Cortez:  79th Place;  23:21
Jett Vanbrocklin:  85th Place; 23:40
Matthew Pachicano:  93rd Place;  23:50
Joel Lopez:  130th Place;  26:59
Josh Lopez:  139th Place;  27:36
Dylan Ruemke:  152nd Place;  28:59
Kenny Calvo:  162nd Place;  32:10
Meet:  Salado Tenroc Invitational
Date:  September 16, 2021
Location:  Tenroc Ranch
Varsity Girls:  88 Runners.  (2 Mile Course)
Aiyanna Thompson:  10th Place;  12:44
Lily Vega:  40th Place;  14:18
Zari Thompson:  46th Place;  14:38
JV Girls:  55 Runners.  (2 Mile Course)
Dagny Rydell:  28th Place;  16:55
Tatiana Lopez:  54th Place;  25:00
Varsity Boys:  77 Runners.  (5K Course)
Christian Rohlack:  3rd Place;  17:55
Brennan Zupfer:  5th Place;  18:05
Landon Velasquez:  44th Place;  20:39
Rhett Richardson:  48th Place;  20:48
Giovanni Aguilar:  49th Place;  20:52
Diego Hall-Albavera:  65th Place;  22:00
Brandon Aguilar:  68th Place;  22:15
Kemarius Miller:  70th Place;  22:48
Team Score:  6th Place Overall
JV Boys:  44 Runners.  (5K Course)
Jett Vanbrocklin:  12th Place;  21:51
Andrew Cortez:  14th Place;  21:56
Matthew Pachicano:  17th Place;  22:38
Josh Lopez:  39th Place;  27:56
Dylan Ruemke:  42nd Place;  30:02
Kenny Calvo:  43rd Place;  30:03
Team Score:  4th Place Overall
Meet:  Pro Fit Invitational
Location:  Temple 
Date:  Friday, Sept. 3, 2021
From Coach Shelli Cobb:  What a tough course!  The hills were very challenging, but our kids are used to training hills, so they did a great job.  This was a very large meet with lots of tough competition.  Very proud of how our Ducks competed today!  We will be back in action next week on Friday, September 10th in Pflugerville!  Taylor Ain't Tired!
Varsity Girls:  166 Runners.  2 Mile Course
Aiyanna Thompson:  4th Place;  13:00
Zari Thompson:  58th Place;  15:18
Lily Vega:  86th Place;  16:00
JV Girls:  218 Runners.  2 Mile Course
Dagny Rydell:  158th Place;  19:02
Varsity Boys:  172 Runners.  3 Mile Course
Brennan Zupfer:  13th Place;  18:15
Christian Rohlack:  28th Place;  19:04
Rhett Richardson:  72nd Place;  20:47
Landon Velasquez:  77th Place;  20:55
Giovanni Aguilar:  100th Place;  21:39
Brandon Aguilar:  122nd Place;  22:21
Diego Hall-Albavera:  136th Place;  22:52
Kemarius Miller:  141st Place;  23:06
Team Score:  8th Overall out of 20
JV Boys:  222 Runners. 3 Mile Course
Andrew Cortez:  78th Place;  22:58
Matthew Pachicano:  87th Place;  23:16
Jett Vanbrocklin:  144th Place;  25:44
Josh Lopez:  170th Place;  27:49
Dylan Ruemke:  203rd Place;  29:54
Joel Lopez:  204th Place;  30:02
Kenny Calvo:  205th Place;  30:02