Students Advance in Academic Competition

Students advancing and medal winners - 
Number Sense - Jett VanBrocklin, 6th Place - Alternate 
Coach - Mr. Griffin
Current Issues - Adrian Badillo, 4th Place - Alternate
Coach - Ms. Butler
Computer Science (Written) - Daniel Gonzales, 1st Place - Regional Qualifier
                                                Brandon Safarik, 2nd Place - Regional Qualifier
                                                Tommy Rojas, 3rd Place - Regional Qualifier
                                                Connor Kurtin, 5th Place - Alternate
The Computer Science team placed first overall and received a district plaque for their efforts.  All four students will compete as a team at regional competition.
Coach - Ms. Sellers
Literary Criticism - Adrian Badillo, 2nd place - Regional Qualifier
Coach - Ms. Monroe
Mathematics - Jett VanBrocklin, 6th Place - Alternate
Coach - Mr. Griffin
Spelling and Vocabulary - Zane Talavera, 6th Place - Alternate
The Spelling and Vocabulary team of Zane Talavera, Tristyn Davy and Angelica Cordera placed second overall and will be the alternate team for regional competition.
Coach - Ms. Rowe
Ready Writing - Tristyn Davy, 2nd Place - Regional Qualifier
                          Jessi Fuentes, 5th Place - Alternate
                          Tanner Welch, 6th Place - Alternate
Coach - Ms. Rowe