Ag Students Place in Houston and Austin

From Haley Kelley:  Hope everyone is having a relaxing spring break but I wanted to share the news about Taylor FFA and the wonderful success these students have had these past few weeks. 
It started with Thomas Oman placing his turkey in the 26th sale slot at San Antonio Livestock Show one day before the ice storm. 
Two weeks later we had Thomas Oman and Coby Hanson compete at the Houston Livestock Show with their broiler projects. The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Poultry Show is known at the "Poultry Show of Texas." Thomas placed 52nd out of 192 pens of pullets making the sale and Coby Hanson placed 23rd out of 293 pens with his cockerels making the sale. Super awesome job. 
Then this past Tuesday we all headed to Rodeo Austin where Kendal Hanson and Thomas Oman competed. Thomas and Kendal both took cockerel broilers to Rodeo Austin and we ended the day with Kendal being RESERVE Cockerel and Thomas placing 5th with his pen of cockerels. Wait Thomas wasn't done. He brought his best hen to Rodeo Austin and he was RESERVE Hen of Rodeo Austin. It was a very long day but it was so worth it seeing the kids faces as the judge announced them Reserve. 
We ended the show season on a great note and I am especially proud of all the students and I'm especially proud to be their ag teacher. It has been great getting to see these kids show their livestock projects after the pandemic shut all livestock shows down last March. Pictures are attached below. 
ag students 2021
ag students 2021