Cross Country Update 2020

Meet:  Regional
Date:  Tuesday, November 10, 2020
We had two outstanding runners compete this morning at the Region IV Cross Country Championships.  Sarah Vrabel finished 24th in the region with a time of 13:50.  She missed qualifying for State by 4 spots.  Christian Rohlack finished 17th in the region with a time of 17:10.  He missed qualifying for State by 2 spots.  Both of these athletes had an amazing season and represented Taylor well.  Our community should be so proud of them.
cross country regionals
Meet:  District 19 4A Meet
Date:  Monday, Oct. 26, 2020
Location:  Jarrell High School
From Coach Shelli Cobb: Well, just like last year, the weather decided to take a turn for our district meet!  It was wet and cold, but the kids toughed it out and many of them ran personal best times on this course!  It was hard to be without a couple of our top boy runners today and our hearts were heavy without them.  I am super excited for our three who qualified for the Regional Meet though!  Christian, Tiny, and Sarah did an amazing job to earn those positions!  We will run in Huntsville at the Region III Championships on November 10th.  Taylor Ain't Tired!
Varsity Boys:  40 Runners  (5K Course)
Christian Rohlack:  4th Place; 17:15  ***Regional Qualifier
Landon Velasquez:  31st Place;  20:14
Miguel Ochoa:  33rd Place;  20:29
Rhett Richardson:  34th Place;  20:57
Christopher Pachicano:  39th Place;  22:19
Team Score:  6th Place
Varsity Girls:  37 Runners   (2 Mile Course)
Aiyanna Thompson:  3rd Place;  13:06  ***Regional Qualifier
Sarah Vrabel:  7th Place;  13:38  ***Regional Qualifier
JV Boys:  29 Runners   (5K Course)
Matthew Pachicano:  23rd Place;  23:18
Ryan Newsom:  27th Place;  29:43
Jayshawn Ross:  28th Place;  29:58
Jacob Ramos:  29th Place;  38:04
JV Girls:  36 Runners  (2 Mile Course)
Angelica Cordero:  12th Place;  15:24
Dagny Rydell:  18th Place;  16:14
Jessilyn Fuentes:  28th Place;  16:52
Tatianna Lopez:  35th Place; 20:39
Meet:  Lexington
Date:  Friday, October 16, 2020
Location:  Lexington Memorial Park
From Coach Shelli Cobb We were missing a few runners today due to injuries and other situations.  It is always hard to try to fill others' shoes when that happens, but the kids stepped up to do just that today!  Really proud of how hard these athletes work and compete each week!  We have our District meet on Monday, Oct. 26th in Jarrell next!  Let's Go Ducks!
Varsity Boys:  63 Runners   (5K Course)
Landon Velasquez:  10th Place;  19:07
Diego Hall-Albavera:  12th Place;  19:18
Rhett Richardson:  22nd Place;  20:04
Miguel Ochoa:  24th Place;  20:21
Christopher Pachicano:  35th Place;  21:18
Matthew Pachicano:  47th Place;  23:12
Ryan Newsom:  58th Place;  25:01
Jacob Ramos:  62nd Place;  28:15
Team Score:  3rd Place Overall
Varsity Girls:  46 Runners   (2 Mile Course)
Aiyanna Thompson:  4th Place;  13:18
Sarah Vrabel:  6th Place;  13:53
Angelica Cordero:  22nd Place;  15:19
Cecelia Parker:  29th Place;  16:08
Dagny Rydell:  32nd Place;  16:24
Jessilyn Fuentes:  38th Place;  16:55
Team Score:  4th Place Overall
Meet:  Jarrell Invitational #2
Date:  Friday, Oct. 9th
Location:  Jarrell High School
From Coach Shelli Cobb:  About half of our kids ran faster today than they did on this same course last week.  That is a very good sign to see times coming down!  Our season is on the downward slide now towards District, so getting those times down is our number one priority.  We will be in action again on Friday, October 16th in Lexington!  Go Ducks!  Taylor Ain't Tired!
Varsity Boys:  63 Runners   5K Course
Christian Rohlack:  3rd Place;  17:30
Omar Lopez:  21st Place; 19:02
Landon Velasquez: 32nd Place;  20:14
Diego Hall-Albavera:  34th Place;  20:22
Rhett Richardson:  35th Place; 20:26
Miguel Ochoa:  43rd Place;  21:27
Christopher Pachicano:  50th Place;  23:12
Matthew Pachicano:  53rd Place;  24:07
Ryan Newsom:  54th Place;  24:16
David Ortiz:  59th Place;  30:26
Team Score:  4th Place Overall
Varsity Girls:  72 Runners  2 Mile Course
Aiyanna Thompson:  5th Place;  13:00
Sarah Vrabel:  7th Place;  13:24
Angelica Cordero: 43rd Place;  15:58
Cecelia Parker:  58th Place;  17:15
Jessilyn Fuentes:  61st Place;  17:27
Dagny Rydell:  64th Place;  17:52
Tatianna Lopez:  72nd Place;  20:46
Team Score:  7th Place Overall
Meet:  Jarrell
Date: Thursday, October 1, 2020
Boys:  66 Runners     5K Course
From Coach Shelli Cobb: The kids got a good look at what will be our District course today.  The course seemed a little long, which affected our times, but now that they have run on it, they know what to expect.  Tiny (Aiyanna Thompson) picked up another gold medal today winning her race!  She is just on fire right now!  We will get another chance to race this course on Saturday, October 10th.  Let's go Ducks!
Christian Rohlack:  5th Place;  18:02
Rhett Richardson:  18th Place;  19:51
Omar Lopez:  20th Place;  20.09
Landon Velasquez:  21st Place;  20:13
Giovanni Aguilar:  23rd Place;  20:35
Diego Hall-Albavera:  24th Place;  20:38
Brandon Aguilar:  26th Place;  20:36
Miguel Ochoa:  32nd Place;  21:36
Andrew Cortez:  35th Place;  22:16
Christopher Pachicano:  37th Place;  22:42
Matthew Pachicano:  40th Place;  23:59
Jacob Ramos:  51st Place;  31:42
Team Score:  4th Place
Girls:  60 Runners    2 Mile Course
Aiyanna Thompson:  1st Place;  13:18
Sarah Vrabel:  3rd Place;  13:51
Angelica Cordero:  29th Place;  15:39
Jordan Zoeckler:  44th Place;  17:43
Dagny Rydell:  46th Place;  17:54
Tatianna Lopez:  52nd Place;  21:30
Team Score:  4th Place
Meet:  Camp Tejas Invitational
Date:  Friday, September 25th
Location:  Camp Tejas
From Coach Shelli Cobb:  The Taylor Ducks were well-represented today in this meet!  It was awesome to see the Green and White crossing the finish line in first place for both the boys and girls races!   Four of our runners received medals today as well!  I was very proud of our kids.  This was a Varsity only meet, so some of our JV kids had to run in this upper division today in order to just have a meet to compete in.  They held their own and did a great job!  Our next meet is next week on Thursday, October 1st in Jarrell.  This will be where our district meet will be held late in the month.  Way to go Ducks!
Varsity Boys:  55 Runners   5K Course
Christian Rohlack:  1st Place; 17:19
Omar Lopez:  9th Place;  19:24
Rhett Richardson:  17th Place;  20:10
Landon Velasquez:  21st Place;  20:25
Giovanni Aguilar:  22nd Place;  20:25
Diego Hall-Albavera:  24th Place;  20:36
Miguel Ochoa:  33rd Place;  21:31
Brandon Aguilar:  34th Place;  21:32
Matthew Pachicano:  36th Place;  21:53
Christopher Pachicano:  38th Place;  21:59
Team Score:  3rd Place Overall
Varsity Girls:  51 Runners     2 Mile Course
Aiyanna Thompson:  1st Place;  12:49
Sarah Vrabel:  2nd Place;  13:30
Angelica Cordero:  20th Place;  15:48
Dagny Rydell: 32nd Place;  16:44
Jordan Zoeckler:  35th Place;  17:08
Jessilyn Fuentes:  37th Place;  17:19
Raven Obier:  41st Place;  18:29
Tatiana Lopez:  47th Place;  20:43
Team Score:  4th Place Overall
Meet:  Salado Invitational
Date:  September 16-17, 2020
Location:  Tenroc Ranch Salado
From Coach Shelli Cobb:  Another well-run meet by Salado.  This is an extremely tough course in some very pretty hill country.  Our JV kids competed on Wednesday, while our Varsity runners ran on Thursday.  It was great to see some of our times come down from last week, especially on such a tough course.  One of our district rivals, Salado, ran very well.  We will need to work hard to gain some ground on them. I continue to be very proud of the hard work and effort that our kids are putting into our program each week.  Our next meet will be at Camp Tejas in Giddings on Friday, September 25th!  TAT:  Taylor Ain't Tired!
Varsity Boys:  117 Runners   (5K Course)
Christian Rohlack:  4th Place; 17:44
Omar Lopez:  41st Place;  20:29
Rhett Richardson:  51st Place;  20:57
Landon Velasquez:  53rd Place;  20:58
Giovanni Aguilar:  55th Place;  21:03
Diego Hall-Albavera:  65th Place;  21:22
Brandon Aguilar:  66th Place;  21:22
Team Score:  8th Team Overall
Varsity Girls:  115 Runners   (2 Mile Course)
Aiyanna Thompson:  4th Place;  12:48
Sarah Vrabel:  19th Place;  13:47
No Team Score
JV Boys:  34 Runners  (5K Course)
Miguel Ochoa:  10th Place; 22:18
Christopher Pachicano:  20th Place;  25:04
Andrew Cortez:  21st Place;  25:57
Matthew Pachicano:  24th Place;  26:28
Jayshawn Ross:  25th Place;  26:34
Jacob Ramos:  31st Place;  30:49
David Ortiz:  33rd Place;  31:11
Team Score:  4th Place Overall
JV Girls:  35 Runners  (2 Mile Course)
Angelica Cordero:  9th Place;  15:48
Cecelia Parker:  17th Place;  17:11
Jessilyn Fuentes:  19th Place;  17:21
Dagny Rydell:  22nd Place;  17:57
Raven Obier:  30th Place;  19:43
Tatiana Lopez:  31st Place;  20:43
Team Score:  4th Place Overall
Meet:  Thrall Invitational
Date:  Friday, Sept. 11, 2020
Location:  Thrall School Campus
From Coach Shelli Cobb: First, let me say that I was very impressed with the manner in which Thrall Cross Country ran their meet.  They had teams arrive, race, and leave in waves so that social distancing could be maintained.  They did a great job of organizing a large number of runners in multiple divisions while keeping everyone's safety their utmost priority.  Way to go Thrall!  I was also super proud of how my kiddos competed! This was our first meet of the season, and they really stepped up to produce some impressive finishes.  There were four of my Varsity boys runners who had to outsprint their opponents at the end of the race, and all four of them won the battle!  It was great to see such heart in them so early in the season!  My girls ran great as well to take impressive places.  Next week we will be in Salado on two different dates as they are splitting up the Varsity and JV to control overcrowding.  Keep looking for great things from these kids! 
Varsity Boys:  65 Runners   5K Course
Christian Rohlack:  4th Place; 1809
Landon Velasquez:  24th Place;  20:23
Rhett Richardson:  31st Place;  20:56
Omar Lopez:  32nd Place;  20:56
Diego Hall-Albavera:  51st Place;  22:21
Christopher Pachicano:  58th Place;  23:13
Miguel Ochoa:  59th Place;  23:13
Team Score:  4th Place Overall
Varsity Girls:  63 Runners    2 Mile Course
Aiyanna Thompson:  2nd Place;  13:10
Sarah Vrabel:  8th Place;  13:47
No Team Score
JV Boys:  36 Runners    5K Course
Brandon Aguilar:  3rd Place;  20:47
Giovanni Aguilar:  5th Place;  21:18
Andrew Cortez:  9th Place;  23:08
Jayshawn Ross:  21st Place;  26:57
Matthew Pachicano:  23rd Place;  27:20
Jacob Ramos:  35th Place;  30:46
David Ortiz:  36th Place;  35:03
Team Score:  2nd Place Overall
JV Girls:  17 Runners    2 Mile Course
Angelica Cordero:  4th Place;  16:08
Jordan Zoeckler:  7th Place;  17:12
Cecelia Parker:  8th Place;  17:36
Jessilyn Fuentes:  9th Place;  17:38
Dagny Rydell:  11th Place;  17:51
Tatiana Lopez:  17th Place;  23:57
Team Score:  1st Place Overall