Students Compete in WCLA

From Haley Kelley: We had two students compete in the meat rabbit division of the WCLA show: Sarah Vrabel and Connor Cobb.  Sarah Vrabel placed 3rd and Connor Cobb placed 10th both securing a spot in the sale Saturday. Sarah Vrabel was also the Senior Showmanship Champion. 
WCLA 2019 1WCLA 2
Wednesday, December 4, 2019:  Yesterday was an awesome day for Taylor FFA and I couldn't be  prouder of the students. Their hard work paid off. All students made the sale for this Saturday. Congrats to the following students: 
Broiler Results: 
Thomas Oman - 1st place pullets 
Cooper Hanson - 3rd place pullets
Kendal Hanson - 4th place pullets 
Coby Hanson - 7th place pullets
Coby Hanson - 4th place cockerels 
Kendal Hanson - 3rd place cockerels 
Marshall Oman - 7th place cockerels
Thomas Oman Reserver Overall Champion Pen of Broilers
Cooper Hanson - Sr Division Champion in Showmanship
Kendal Hanson - Sr. Division Reserve Champion in Showmanship
Turkey Results: 
MArshall Oman - 1st place hens
Thomas Oman - 3rd place hens
Cooper Hanson - 7th place hens 
Coby Hanson - 8th place hens 
Marshall Oman - 4th place tom
Thomas Oman - 1st place tom
Cooper Hanson - 5th place tom 
Marshall Oman Overall Grand Champion Turkey
Thomas Oman Overall Reserve Grand Champion Turkey 
WCLA Poultry 2019WCLA 2019 Poultry
From Jacqueline Ehrlich:  Tuesday and Thursday where awesome days for our students of Taylor FFA and we couldn't be prouder of all our students this week. They have spent months working towards one day and all their hard work paid off. The results are as follows:
Tuesday, December 3, 2019
Goat results:
Laney Martinez 10th place light medium weight Goat
Marshall Oman 5th place light medium weight Goat
Thomas Oman 3rd place middle weight class 1 goat
Sarah Vrabel 4th place middle weight class 2 goat
Erin Scott 6th place light heavyweight class 2 goat
Sarah Vrabel 2nd place heavyweight class 2 goat
Thursday, December 5, 2019
Agriculture mechanics Project results:
Jesse Coward, Ian Nelson, and Travis Talley 2nd place in the Agriculture mechanics and machinery class. 
Swine Results:
Gus Beard 9th place Cross middleweight pig
WCLA 2019