Cross Country Update 2019

Meet:  Bill Bradley Invitational
Location:  Gatesville 
Date:  9-14-19
From Coach Shelli Cobb:  Well, this was the first meet I have ever missed in my entire career.  With two of my sons in ICU due to a Friday night car accident, there was no way I could go with my team to Gatesville.  I am so thankful for my assistant coach Justin Adams who stepped up and took a huge team, by himself, to the furthest meet we have on our schedule.  I am also thankful that I have such great kids who took care of business, competed hard, and conducted themselves in a manner to make things as easy as possible for him.  I never had to worry about them.  They are amazing kids who were in great hands.  This Friday, we will be running at Camp Tejas as Giddings hosts us in their meet.  We're getting closer to District and many of our kids are really improving!  Taylor Ain't Tired!  TAT!
Varsity Girls:  2 Mile Course    (72 Runners)
Aiyanna Thompson:  20th Place;  14:00
Matilda Rydell:  57th Place;  16:01
Team Score:  No team score
Varsity Boys:  5K Course    (77 Runners)
Christian Rohlack:  11th Place;  18:28
Christopher Pachicano:  35th Place;  20:37
Tyler Newson:  41st Place;  21:00
Diego Hall-Albavera:  42nd Place;  21:04
Israel Aguirre:  51st Place;  21:33
Omar Lopez:  53rd Place;  21:42
Pedro Ramirez:  55th Place;  21:50
Miguel Ochoa:  63rd Place;  22:31
Robert Ramirez:  64th Place;  22:46
Team Score:  7th Place
JV Girls:  2 Mile Course   (75 Runners)
Angelica Cordero:  8th Place;  16:08
Raven Obier:  11th Place;  16:21
Cecelia Parker:  16th Place;  16:51
Dagny Rydell:  31st Place;  17:51
Beatriz Pina:  35th Place;  18:06
Mia Rodriguez:  39th Place;  18:28
Isabella Vidalles:  46th Place;  19:18
Kayshawna Fields:  47th Place;  19:22
Tatiana Lopez:  53rd Place;  19:32
Melanie Gibson:  56th Place;  19:44
Mia Carrizales:  59th Place;  20:12
Giselle Molina:  71st Place;  22:41
Raylin Fuentes:  78th Place;  24:57
Yvette Guierrez:  79th Place;  
Team Score:  4th Place Team Overall
JV Boys:  5K Course    (78 Runners)
Rhett Richardson:  7th Place;  20:46
Francisco De La Garza:  12th Place;  21:24
Brennan Zupfer:  14th Place;  21:30
Jose Moreno:  29th Place;  23:12
Landon Velasquez:  30th Place;  23:12
Kemarius Miller:  32nd Place;  23:13
Yahir Cancel:  33rd Place;  23:26
Atreyu Rose:  35th Place;  24:16
Ryan Newsom:  46th Place;  24:44
Will Curtis:  50th Place;  26:12
Jett Vanbrocklin:  56th Place;  26:56
Kenneth Crain:  65th Place;  27:48
David Ortiz:  71st Place;  29:11
Anthony Ramos:  72nd Place;  29:30
Rene Aguirre:  75th Place;  29:41
Team Score:  3rd Place Team Overall
Meet:  Pflugerville Invitational
Date:  Friday, Sept. 6, 2019
Location:  North East Metro Park in Pflugerville
From Coach Shelli Cobb:  Really proud of my kids today.  We got a break from the hills this week with what was a pretty flat course.  We still can't get away from the heat, but our runners really stepped up with some impressive performances despite that.  Taking first place in both the Varsity girls and boys races was exciting to see today!  Our runners are really gaining some confidence in their abilities and we are seeing that pay off on race day.  Next week, we will be competing in Gatesville on Saturday, Sept. 14th!  Let's Go Ducks!  Taylor Ain't Tired!
Varsity Girls: 2 Mile Course   (27 Runners)
Aiyanna Thompson:  1st Place;  13:38
Hannay Villarreal:  12th Place;  15:26
Nohemi Ramirez:  15th Place;  15:48
Matilda Rydell:  16th Place;  15:53
Team Score:  No team score with 4 runners
Varsity Boys:  5K Course   (39 Runners)
Christian Rohlack:  1st Place;  17:37
Tyler Newsom:  11th Place;  20:14
Robert Ramirez:  16th Place;  20:56
Israel Aguirre:  18th Place;  21:02
Diego Hall-Albavera:  22nd Place;  21:29
Omar Lopez:  26th Place;  22:30
Miguel Ochoa:  29th Place;  22:51
Pedro Ramirez:  30th Place;  23:08
Christopher Pachicano:  32nd Place;  23:33
Team Score:  3rd Place Team Overall
JV Girls:  2 Mile Course   (23 Runners)
Angelica Cordero:  4th Place;  16:32
Cecelia Parker:  5th Place;  17:00
Mia Rodriguez:  6th Place;  17:53
Jessilyn Fuentes:  9th Place;  18:10
Kayshawna Fields:  10th Place;  18:15
Raven Obier:  11th Place;  18:30
Beatriz Pina:  12th Place;  18:38
Melanie Gibson:  14th Place;  18:44
Hopie Rodriguez:  15th Place;  19:02
Dagny Rydell:  16th Place:  19:19
Team Score:  2nd Place Team Overall
JV Boys:  2 Mile Course   (12 Runners)
Rhett Richardson:  1st Place;  12:20
Francisco De La Garza:  2nd Place;  12:35
Kemarius Miller:  3rd Place;  13:02
Brennan Zupfer:  4th Place;  13:10
Landon Velasquez:  5th Place;  13:19
Yahir Cancel:  6th Place;  13:34
Tyler Cobb:  7th Place;  14:03
Jose Moreno:  9th Place;  14:12
Ryan Newsom:  10th Place;  14:44
Team Score:  1st Place Team Overall
Meet:  Belton Invitaional
Date:  8-23-19
Location:  Wildflower Golf Course  Temple, Texas
From Coach Shelli Cobb:  I am so proud of how our kids competed today.  We really did a great job on what was an extremely hot and humid day at a very tough golf course full of hills.  This was a huge meet with 300 runners in our jv divisions.  Once the big schools were separated out of the results, our jv teams proved to finish in the top two and three spots!  That was truly awesome!  Our varsity girls were missing a couple of runners today so they could not score as a team, but we had two girls finish quite high in the ranks.  Our varsity boys finished well also.  Two of our district teams beat us today, but don't count us out!  We will go to work and see if we can't close that gap.  The Ducks will be in action again on Friday, August 30th once again in Temple running at Wilson Park.  Remember, Taylor Ain't Tired!  Let's Go Ducks!
Varsity Girls:  2 Mile Course   96 Runners
Aiyanna Thompson:  14th Place;  13:56
Hannah Villarreal:  27th Place;  14:29
Matilda Rydell:  72nd Place;  17:07
Varsity Boys:  3 Mile Course  103 Runners
Christian Rohlack:  9th Place;  18:15
Israel Aguirre:  32nd Place;  20:24
Miguel Ochoa:  50th Place;  21:08
Christopher Pachicano:  56th Place;  21:18
Robert Ramirez:  60th Place;  21:36
Pedro Ramirez:  74th Place;  22:14
Team Score:  5th Place overall out of 15 teams
JV Girls:  2 Mile Course   247 Runners
Hopie Rodriguez:  116th Place;  17:29
Raven Obier:  129th Place;  17:42
Mia Rodriguez:  134th Place;  17:47
Cecelia Parker:  142nd Place;  18:05
Dagny Rydell:  165th Place;  18:47
Melanie Gibson:  179th Place;  19:11
Tatiana Lopez:  181st Place;  19:12
Isabella Vidales:  193rd Place;  19:28
Kayshawna Fields:  195th Place;  19:35
Mia Carrizales:  228th Place;  21:30
Raylin Fuentes:  246th Place;  23:39
Team Score:  3rd Place Smaller School Division Team Overall
JV Boys:  3 Mile Course   302 Runners
Diego Hall-Albavera:  47th Place;  21:11
Francisco De La Garza:  60th Place;  21:29
Rhett Richardson:  96th Place;  22:12
Landon Velasquez:  108th Place;  22:31
Brennan Zupfer:  118th Place;  22:43
Tyler Cobb:  131st Place;  23:00
Atreyu Rose:  178th Place;  24:07
Yahir Cancel:  185th Place;  24:18
Gabriel Ocampo:  192nd Place;  24:26
Kemarius Miller:  201st Place;  24:52
Jose Moreno:  204th Place;  24:55
Anthony Ramos:  209th Place;  25:05
Ryan Newsom:  234th Place;  26:10
Kenneth Crain:  256th Place;  27:00
Jett Vanbrocklin:  262nd Place;  27:04
David Ortiz:  265th Place;  27:23
Rene Aguirre:  277th Place;  28:17
Team Score:  2nd Place Smaller School Division Team Overall