Taylor High School

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Williamson County Livestock Association Livestock Show and Youth Fair

Lamb Show
Laney Martinez- 6th Place Hair sheep 
Ty Jansky- 2nd Place (Reserve Champion Fine wool Cross)
Madison Hanson- 7th place Fine wool Cross
Garrett Schiller- 7th place Medium Wool
Marshall Oman- 6th place Medium wool Sheep
Goat Show
Marshall Oman- Sr. Showmanship in Goats
Sarah Vrabel- 3rd Place Light Heavyweight class
Sarah Vrabel- 4th Place Heavyweight class
Marshall Oman- 2nd place Heavyweight class (Reserve champion Heavyweight Drive)
Laney Martinez- 3rd place Light Middleweight class
Laney Martinez 5th place Middle Weight class
Swine Show
Laney Martinez- 16th place Cross
Rabbit Show
Ty Jansky - Sr. Showmanship in Rabbits
Trace Lopez - 7th place rabbits
Sarah Vrabel - 12th place rabbits 
Poultry Show - Turkey Show
Garrett Schiller - 3rd place Turkey hen
Colton schiller - 8th place Turkey hen
Marshall Oman - 10th place Turkey hen
Cooper Hanson - 12th place Turkey hen 
Garrett Schiller - 6th place turkey tom
Cooper Hanson - 8th place turkey tom
Poultry Show - Chicken Show
Colton Schiller- 3rd place pullets
Marshall Oman - 7th place pullets
Colton schiller - 1st place cockerels (Overall Grand Champion Chickens)
Madison Hanson - 7th place cockerels
Mia Crain - 8th place cockerels 
Cooper Hanson - 11th place cockerels